I need HELPP with uniform!


Hello! this is my first thread got my acceptance letter into the lpn program that starts in the summer!! is the crossover top or zip top best for women?

I start my program this summer as well and was wondering the same thing! I ordered one of each to see which one i will like and will order more in the fall.


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I went to the scrub store today and had fun trying them all on. Still no word on if I have been accepted, but I am thinking positive thoughts and planning out how much money I am going to need to spend. ( I liked the Grays Anatomy scrubs, the mock wrap womens top, not the jr's size, the jr's is an inch shorter. I am small framed, and it looked best on me, the other tops I tried on looked like I was wearing my Dad's pj top.)

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Congrats to all of you starting LPN school!

My question is have you received any sort of mailing regarding the dress code? Reason I ask is that there may be some more stringent guidelines once you start your orientation and you won't want to spend money on stuff you won't be able to wear, depending on your school's guidelines. Unfortunately, they tend to be of the less-flattering variety . . .:-/

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My program was very specific as to uniforms. We had one lab and a different for clinicals. They were specific as to brand and color. Single pocket v-neck top without tie backs pants were unisex with drawstring waist only. The white for clinical had to be two pocket button front and white pants, elastic waist with two pockets and crease down front leg.

Incorrect uniform = automatic failing grade of 70 (75 was passing )

Strongly suggest you wait to see if your program has specifications to save you time , expense , and stress!

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The LPN program that I attended provided uniforms, so my classmates and I did not need to shop for scrubs. The RN completion program that I attended also provided students with uniforms, which eliminated the need to shop for appropriate scrubs.

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My program has a very strict uniform code. We had to go to the uniform store, tell them what school and they went in the back and brought out the uniform. No choices on anything so I would check with your school first. The men had zipper tops and the women had cross over, again no choice.


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My program uses only Cherokee scrubs and only limited model numbers...I wouldn't buy anything until you know for sure.