I need help for summer


I got admission into the Lvn program that starts january 2008.I already secured loans to pay for the spring semester but just can;t figure out how to raise money for summer.any tips..helppppppppppp!!!!!

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You can do a nurse externship, many hospitals offer that position.

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Even though they don't recommend it I worked 30 hours a week all through school.


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Do you mean money for summer classes, or just to survive through the summer? I'm taking summer classes, and as long as i have at least 8 credits, i get financial aid. Good luck!

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OP: I work two jobs during the summer and usually take at least one course. I work part-time during the school year. GL.

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I don't know what kind of loan you got but at school when we get the student loans that they offer they go fall/spring or spring/summer. So if you didn't take a loand out for fall classes or weren't attending that school then you should be able to get summer tuition paid.

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