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what do I need for my clinicals?


i'm starting my lpn to rn program in january and i'm very nervous right now. when i start my clinicals, what do you think i need to bring with me to help me? do i need to bring like iv med book, care plan book?

any advice on how to be succes in the program?

Marie_LPN, RN, LPN, RN

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I'd bring the same things that i brought to my LPN clinical.


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Okay, you know to bring your supplies, just like for your LPN clinicals, stethoscope, calculator (can just keep this in your bag), ALWAYS CARRY SCISSORS (you'll be surprised how often your preceptor will need to borrow them and they're always impressed you have 'em - you know that old saying "a good nurse always has her scissors" :rolleyes: ), ETOH preps, tape, an extra IV red cap lock usually comes in handy too, a pocket-sized spiral memo book to keep your notes in.

Alright, for the books. Essential: standard drug book, lab book (this helps me SOOOO much) and a med-surg clinical companion (this is really helpful b/c it addresses common diseases & their tx. (addresses all disciplines typically used medical, nursing, physical tx., etc. w/rationales). I keep in a bag my nursing dx. book - which i have never used during clinical & an IV drug book which i have never had the occasion to use either.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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In addition to the suggestions of Kelly and Marie, also bring a care plan book if you are not 100 percent proficient at writing them yet.

If you want to make an investement in something that will clean out those 50lb book bags then I would recommend a PALM. I have found that you can fit a lot on those little things, there are programs for drugs, etc so you can have all you need handy including the calculator to figure out if pharmacy was correct.

I dont take a lot to clinical, I write up as much of my careplan before I get there, and then just keep a spiral memo pad in my pocket to make notes of my day. I map out my day before I get there knowing what drugs I'll be passing and when - instructors seem to like seeing that you are ready for the day if they pick you to pass meds.

Most of all Don't sweat it, you've done this before, its all the same - poop is poop is my moto. You'll be fine.


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I wish I were PALM literate. I think it would make life so much easier!

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