I am so lost....


I took the NCLEX on Tuesday & failed (265 questions....it was awful)

I had a really good job at the VA lined up to start on October 7th, but obviously that's been rescinded. I don't know what to do now. Luckily I still have my job that I was working while going to school so that's good. I am staying positive & keeping my head up, but it's so hard when my classmates are passing & moving on to their jobs.... All I have ever wanted to be is a nurse, & I have no confidence in my ability now.

Anyway, enough whining! anyone have any advice for the next time around? I did the Kaplan course, but honestly hated the "decision tree" BS, & didn't feel prepared when I took the exam. Is Hurst any good?

I need a little help if anyone has any words of wisdom.

Specializes in i can read really good lol.

Sorry to hear that you failed but don't beat yiur self up. I know people who have had to take it three times vefore passing. Dont loose iur confidence because it will juat make it harder to bkubce back. I also did Kaplan did you finish all if the qbank questions and stick to the study schedule that was given ? I passed with 75 questions and I followed kaplan and used the yellow saunders book for content refreshing. Keep focused yiu passes the hardest part nursing school and you landed a great job so you know that when you do pass you will have no problem finding a job. Kill the nclex nxt time around!!!!


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Interesting, I did Kaplan and passed with 75 q's at 65 minutes. Really look at the decision tree again and do ALL of the Q-bank questions. It sucks but you have to do it...


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keep your head up and try not to worry too much about what others are doing. Focus on what you need to do.

First time I did not pass and felt miserable, my classmastes were moving on too, but I found myself appreciating the fact that I had completed nursing school and this was going to be my battle despite what others had done.

so i did Kaplan and saunders, would do 300 questions a day, watched the teaching videos and read saunders as a backup for my wrong my answers . Stay positive, take your time and focus on you. Good luck!