I have to lie if I want a new private duty job

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I have gone to job interviews without any luck. What am I doing wrong? I believe it is because I say that I want a patient case in or near my city. I think that is what it is. I don't like to drive period. Driving is exhausting for me. So I am honest and tell them the truth and so I don't get the job. Next time, I am going to lie and say "Oh no, I don't mind driving 2 hours to my patient and then driving home for another 2 hours every day." I think that is what they are wanting to hear at the job interviews.

As a private duty nurse you have complete control over what cases you choose to take. Or at least I do and I'm a private duty nurse. Tell them the truth but in a nice way. Like, "I prefer not to drive long distances but I am open to the possibility if I am needed." Your job should pay milage which can add up very quickly. As a private duty nurse you go where you are needed and you can evaluate each case as it comes to you. I try to make myself invaluable. I pick up the extra shifts, I drive the extra distances, and I try to help my schedulers out. That way when a case I want comes around I get the first call. You get out what you put in.

I work private duty for the 2 worst paying nursing agencies now. Neither one of them pays mileage for the nurses.

I've never been paid mileage for doing extended care with one exception because she told me she could never get anyone to drive that far. I don't even get mileage for my intermittent visits. I get paid for 10 miles, which I simply add to the base rate so I can pretend I am being paid at par. You're right BC. Don't express your preferences. Get hired. Do a few cases. Start stating your druthers once you've been on board awhile and they have seen what an asset you are. Gotta try to outsmart them once in awhile.

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Echoing cali's statement here. OP ---) you're right. I was in a similar position as you when I did PPD. Crappy, low-paying company. You get farmed out to the cases that nobody wants at first. (Just be thankful if the ONLY reason no one wants the case is because of distance.) Once you've settled in and proven yourself as reliable, the schedulers will start throwing you bones to make you want to stay and you'll climb your way up the food chain.

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