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what a great board!

this is a great place to find answers and friends. i am so glad i came across it. :D

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I'm so happy I found this board, too! I find that whatever I do in life, the more support I have, the better chance I have of being successful. I talked about this with the director of the nursing school the other day. She was thrilled that I found a support board, and told me that I was already on my way to being successful in school! Yay! :)


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I find it extremely helpful to me, and i'm still doing pre-reqs! There is such a wealth of information on here, i'd be lost without it! lol

Not to mention that the personalities on here seem to blend really well (odd bad apples from time to time though :rolleyes: )

Anyway, I love this place!! I appreciate all the encouragement, motivation and direction thats been offered to me. :) :) :)

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I'm totally addicted to this board! Every single day I am here, and my husband must think I'm the biggest computer nerd. It's funny, though. I feel like I have a real comradery with everyone, almost like a family. I better enjoy it now. As a full time LPN student also preparing to take my CLEP exams for the ADN program with a husband, three kids, and four fish... I doubt I'll be on quite as often this year! :lol2:


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me too, glad I found this board! It's nice to know I'm not alone in my feelings...:uhoh3:


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This board is a wonderful way to share and gain knowledge. Also, the support is unbelievable. I am also glad I found allnurses. Thanks everyone!!! :)

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