I just suck at sticking people.


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Ask your manager if you can spend a day in the ER just to start lines....

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Blew another IV start today. I knew I'd gone in at too deep of an angle about half a second after I poked him. Sigh! Freaked out for a minute. (This always happens and seems to be my biggest issue.) Stopped. Thought. Pulled back a bit, tried to go back at a more shallow angle, still wasn't getting anything and freaked out again.

My nurse educator, as well as several long-time RN friends who work down in the ER have offered to set me up doing IVs down there. I just don't know if the experience itself will help if I can't get over this initial "no immediate flashback, freeze, then panic" that I go in to whenever it isn't a perfect stick right off the bat. I feel like I should be pre-medicated with ativan or something prior, jesus. :p

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Take them up on their offer. I was horrible at IV starts and blood draws until I worked in the ED. Having someone to "hold your hand" really helps. Also, you get a great variety of veins from fire hose sized veins to itty-bitty tiny veins that make you wonder how the pt has circulation. BTW I don't always get a flashback but sometimes the iv is good anyway, especially when pts are dehydrated, septic, renal, chemo, etc. Sometimes you just gotta have faith and go for it. Breath, breath, breath! The ED is a great place to help build your confidence.