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So one thing I've noticed with nursing school is that we practice skills with/on each other a ton in class. To be honest, this way of learning just doesn't work for me. I need quiet in order to concentrate and really learn what I'm doing. It just makes it worse when they send us into the lab to practice with our classmates because a lot of them are just as confused as I am and we end up just making each other more confused. I would much rather practice one on one with a family member. Tomorrow, we technically don't have class, but we are encouraged to go to the lab to practice focused assessments for our health assessment final. I honestly don't want to go because I know it won't get anything out of it with all the chaos of almost my entire class crammed into the skills lab. I feel like I'd benefit better by staying home and practicing on a family member/watching youtube vides on focused assessments. At the same time, I'm afraid I'll look like I don't care or that I'm not trying if I just don't show up. Does anyone else ever feel this way?


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Sure, to a point, but I know having to do those skills in a real world environment is going to be far from quiet and isolated. At the same time, sometimes you miss something that someone else can point out, happens to me in lab and vice versa. It is good to have someone to bounce ideas etc off of

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We were encouraged to practice on one another or in the lab, which I did moderately, but I still practiced on family members at home. You can still do that when initially learning. For check off/skill demonstration purposes it is sometimes helpful to be in the environment where you have to demonstrate that skill to your instructor. I get what you're saying sometimes it is the blind leading the blind as far as knowing how to do a technique right, that's when we'd flag down the instructor for some quick one on one. At times you can actually learn and logic out proper technique with your classmate.

As PP said, it is good to get practice in distracting environments too since that will be real life for us.


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Well tonight you can 1) watch videos at home, then 2) practice on a family member; then tomorrow 3) go to the lab and repeat.

No brainer, that one.

Better the chaos in lab now, because you definitely will have instances of chaos in the field.

School is the easy part....