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Well guys, its been a long trip. It's been hectic, frustrating, but now that I'm here, its all been worth it. I sit here typing this in my last two weeks of orientation. The realization that I'm about to be own my own, taking care of patients and being responsible for their well-being for 12 hours a day is just starting to hit me.

I can do it though. To those who have not passed the HESI yet.... keep at it. It's SOOOOO much harder than the NCLEX. I shut it off at 75 in about an hour. I left feeling a little unsure, but overall OK. The NCLEX is pretty much about safety, prioritization, and a few random other things just to mix it up.

To those I have not emailed about the HESI information... I apologize. I was so busy studying and just enjoying my time off that I really did not vist this site at all. I know you can do it though if you're having trouble. It took me five tries, but I did it, and in the end I thought it helped me out TREMENDOUSLY with the NCLEX. If not for the knowledge, the confidence knowing I could crush a test thats hard.

I look foward to posting even more on the site as a new RN!

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