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I hate this teas test thing ugh!!!!!



You can check your results and see where you didn't do so well on. You have to log on to the testing site you used. It breaks down each section and what your percentage was and what the national percentage was. That might help you on what to study more on.

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I just took the TEAS for the second time and upped my score from a 78.2 to a 81.2. That will get me into the program at my school. What did you score? I agree with the above post. You should check which areas need the most attention.

I had the same test as I did the first time. It's not easy, but you can do it. When can you take it again?

Are you using the TEAS study guide that the test admin. company publishes? I used it and it was very representative of what was on the actual test.

jesskidding, LPN

Has 5 years experience.

I did. I have the newest version, version 5 I think. I only used it for studying the first time. I didn't study the second time since I was in a math and physics class this fall.

The study guide isn't cheap, but I suggest buying it.

I scored an 81 on the TEAS Test and I was accepted to UCF College of Nursing. Good luck!!!

I took the TEAS version 4 last month and did pretty well (89.4%). I used the ATI study guide I got at the school library and supplemented that with the McGraw Hill study guide. I think the ATI was really all I needed except for the science section and even that most of the stuff in the McGraw wasn't on the test. I would suggest you study the ATI guide and in the science section use Google to look up more information on the subjects touched there. I also went through the sticky thread here on Allnurses on the TEAS and wrote down all of the things other people said to study. I looked everything they said down and Googled information on that. I took notes and used note cards for the things I couldn't remember after looking them up. I also purchased the ATI practice tests and took them. It just gave me another set of questions and answers with the rationale for the answer to study from. I only took the test once and all of the above seemed to work really well for me. Hope that helps!



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When you go online to print your results, there are a list of areas given that you need to work on.

Those areas directly correspond to the sections of the study guide. Study the heck out of those sections and then take the practice tests in the study guide and both of the assessments. Don't mark in the book so that you can retake the practice tests. Keep studying and taking the practice tests until you improve your score.

I used the above method starting with one of the online assessments and using the workbook to work on my weak areas. I ended up scoring really high on Version 4 and Version 5.


I know that some of the schools in my area will either only accept the first test that you took or want to see all of the tests that you took (they can verify this through ATI), so taking the test unprepared can put you at a big disadvantage depending on the program you are applying for.

Best of luck!

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Thank you so very much i really appreciate you all taking the time to respond to my post. I do plan to study, study and study some more!!! good luck to all of you!!!!

I am awful at studying but what worked for me was buying the study guide the ATI website offers and also the two practice tests. I took one practice test right away before I studied at all just to see where I was at. I got a 60. I then made notecards of every bolded term in the study guide. Read the study guide front to back. Memorized the notecards. Then took each individual chapter test in the study guide. Everything I got wrong I went back and worked on some more. Lastly I took the final exam at the end of the study guide. Again, anything I got wrong I went back and worked on. When I was finally confident I took my final practice exam and I got a 70. This made me really nervous because I needed to be in the top 65th percentile (around an 80) to get into my program. I took the Teas the next day and got a 78.5. I know if I would have taken it again I could have gotten well over an 80 because while I studied I never looked at the English section because I was so confident in my English knowledge. Little did I know I would have to know the meaning of simple predicates, simple subjects, things like that. I scored the lowest on English. Which I always figured would be my strong suit. So! Study everything. The practice tests are harder than the real thing. The only thing not covered in the Teas book was the earth's rotation of the sun and clouds (types) which I watched youtube videos on after learning these things were not in the Teas study guide from reading through lots of postings on this website (allnurses) about the Teas test. Good luck to everyone!