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  1. Pre op Question

    Wondering for those nurses working in peds pre op, how old do you start your IVs on kids? Some facilities depending on age use mask induction then start an IV while child asleep. Does your hospital have a policy?
  2. Is seeing a pt in Preop really a must for OR nurses??

    As a pre op nurse it’s very important for the OR nurse to do their part before OR. In my hospital we have to go over name DOB, MRN and consents and other forms. This also makes the patient feel confident we are double Checking everything. Mistakes h...
  3. Peds pre op nurses! Question

    I was wondering at your hospital for pre op / outpatient nurses. How old do you start IVs on a kid. Some hospitals depending on age do mask induction first then start an IV . Just curious what other children hospitals do and is it a policy at your fa...
  4. Did you transfer? I actually have the same experience as you. Bedside nursing and working nights started to get to me. I ended up working in outpatient pre op for peds. I only had adult patients before so it is scary in the beginning. I’m 2 years in ...
  5. Cheating

  6. Not necessarily, they are more familiar with the hospital and they would be more comfortable in it. Just study hard and make a few friends that are CNA or EMT's because they do know what they are doing during clinicals and can help you make your clin...
  7. paging Apgar 10!

    Hi Apgar, I had to search your name because I remember you went to Cerritos College and your posts were very helpful. I think you might be finished now or in your last semester? I'm going into my second semester and was hoping on some insight on what...
  8. Concept Map/Care Plan Project

    Do you have a nursing care plan book? It would make your life easier to have one because it lists all the interventions and rationales.
  9. I just finished my first semester and you really want to try hard to study and not fail. Don't even let it be an option for you. I'm in a 2 year program, 4 semesters that are 18 weeks and they break it in half. The first 9 weeks were not so bad but t...
  10. When you say Iguana book you are reffering to Iggy right?
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've tried the study guide for Iggy and it did have a lot of questions, I just wished they had the rationales for the answers. Has anyone tried the study guide Saunders comprehensive review for the nclex rn exam by Li...
  12. Hi all, I'm starting 2nd semester in fall (ADN 2 year program = 4 semesters long) and our first rotation is med-surg. I was looking for any useful critical thinking study guide books that you have used. Our main med-surg book is by Donna D. Ignatavic...
  13. Cerritos College vs. Long Beach City College

    So far the first week is good! Very exciting learning new things and meeting new people. Plus the teachers are super nice and helpful. How was your first week Apgar?
  14. Wasn't accepted to the RN program at LBCC, now what?

    Hi theloneran6er, I completely understand what your going thru as I too was an alternate last Fall at LBCC expecting I'd be in for sure Spring 11' which also I wasn't accepted. So I totally understand the frustrations. Honestly after getting rejected...
  15. Cerritos College vs. Long Beach City College

    Hi Apgar10 I found your posts about Cerritos and they were really helpful. Thanks for taking your time to reply. I'm accepted into Cerritos and will be starting in January! I really like the campus. Right there I can say is a big plus compared to LBC...