I hate how the "system" works at my nursing school.

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At my school, we have to take an HESI exit exam. We were strongly encouraged to take the recomended test prep course. Several of us couldn't afford to take it or couldn't fit it into our schedule. Basically, the students did take the prep course were given the answers on the exam. A majority of those in the class who didn't take the test prep course failed.

Is this even fair? It's as if these students basically paid their way to pass and the school wanted those who didn't take the course to fail so that they have to pay their way out. I can understand that the school wants to boost their passing rates but , why do they put the responsibility, pressure, and expense onto the students? I'm also tired of the school nickle and diming us for everything. Don't they know we're starving students?

Thanks for listening!


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I bet this is a private school isn't it?


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We don't have to take the HESI at my school but we do have to buy another exspensive nclex study program and this is a state school. I don't mind, I want to pass.


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It is not likely that the students who took the course were given the test answers. Even if they were, if you have to have the course to graduate, then just do it and get it over with, so you can graduate, pass your NCLEX, and get your license. Consider it to be part of the cost of the education. Many students are in the same boat as you.

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Our HESI review went over testing strategies first, then an in depth content review of psych, maternity and peds because we, as a class did poorly on a HESI taken 2 months ago. Then we screamed through fundamentals, cardiac, musculoskeletal on day 3 and then answered 50 random questions. There were some questions as we were doing content too. But trust me when I tell you we were not given any answers, in fact, I can' say that any of the questions we covered in class were on the test.

My question is did those who didn't take the review do any content review? I'm sure at this point everyone has a NCLEX Review, did they get used?

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Our school has us take the Kaplan review (mandatory) in our last semester. We can choose between the live or online one. They are both very similar in that we have the same diagnostic, question trainer, and readiness exams to take + Qbank. However, the live course meets over 3 days to go over strategies and such, whereas the online one you have to watch the videos on your own time. Our course expires at the end of this month, so I'm trying to utilize it as best as I can.

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It sounds to me as if the OP's school is actually being fairly reasonable. They state the requirement up front ... and provide the oportunity for students to take a course to help them meet the expectation. If some of the students chose not to take advantage of the preparation opportunity, that's the students' fault, not the school's.

Had the school made the review course mandatory, they would have received complaints from students who felt it should be optional. So they gave the students the choice ... and now those who are not happy with the consequences of their choice are blaming the school. Life offers us opportunities and choices -- not guarantees and "free rides." We all have to live with the consequences of our choices.

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