I hate late nurses!

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God, tonight was the last straw. I just quit because I'm sick of being this witch's alarm clock. I even have to call her at her other job just to remind her SHE'S FREAKING A HALF AN HOUR LATE and she hasn't even left her other hospital's parking garage yet? B_ _ _ h!!!!!! :angryfire

And since I work for a "private" Convy Hospital and due to low census, there's no overtime pay? :angryfire

Screw that! I quit! This nurse has been doing this for years and my manager won't do squat about it. So, in return for a year's suffering under these monkeys, I'm not even going to bother showing up until pay day where I can tell them to kiss my a$$ !!!! I just got hired at another ACUTE CARE hospital with better pay and benefits and I have 2 other part time jobs. I'm out of that ghetto hospital with the worst coworkers ever in my 14 years in healthcare!

I can picture it now:

Ghetto convy - "ummmm...PHTLS, you're supposed to be at work now"

PHTLS - "OHHH...I'm just getting off work FROM MY OTHER HOSPITAL AND I'm headed over there right now"

an hour later....

Ghetto convy - "PHTLS! WHERE ARE YOU!???? :angryfire "

PHTLS - "I'm just pulling around the corner"

2 hours later......

Ghetto - "Hi, Manager, PHTLS hasn't showed up for work"

Manager - "Hi, PHTLS...how come you're not at work"




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i would advise you to give proper notice and not just quit abruptly. i understand that you are angry about your working conditions but you should be careful not to burn bridges. it doesn't look good to potential employers to have just gotten angry and left a job. what will you say in a job interview when they ask why you left that job? just write a B.S. letter about finding a better opportunity elsewhere and leave the right way. doing it your way can come back to haunt you. i know this firsthand.

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I think the OP was just having a good vent, and probably will give 2 weeks notice.

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Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

Late people are so selfish, rude, crude and unacceptable. We have a few of them where I work. Hate it.

Good luck in finding a better situation. :)


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yeah......you dont have to put up with that zoo!!:angryfire


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I have a tendency to tell people like this how I feel. I don't like them disrespecting my time and don't do it to them. It sounds really out-of-hand there and I would put in my notice and move on, too. Good luck and best wishes.


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Okay, it's been 8 + hours and I've gotten my rest and sleep. I'm also off today! woooohooo! I'm still pissed though. I'm going to give a 2 weeks notice, but I'm calling in sick for the remainder of my schedule. Last night was definitely it! She was also 1 and 1/2 hour late last thursday when I had to show up for mandatory training at my Army unit for 3 straight days that very same morning at 6:30 am. Her excuse? her husband didn't wake her in time! I'm like what? I wanted to go home, pack my stuff, shine my boots, iron my uniform, and drive 2 hours to this army medical training site (I scratched sleep off my list). Here I am serving our country, potentially sacraficing my life or head, so that this selfish woman can come late anytime she wants? If she tried pulling off that crap at my army unit, my first sergeant would have given her an article 15 for excessive unexcused absence. There's no manager at night, so these night nurses feel like they can show up anytime they want. I miss my other former coworker who used to try and write up her up everytime she came in late :rolleyes: . He quit aloooooong time ago!

Edit in:

Why would sleep be a problem for a night nurse at a convy? they don't do squat except whine about the previous shift and sleep all night at the nurses station. Meanwhile, I work pm when every resident is awake, less staff, visitors are coming in from work, and doctors are around asking questions and writing orders. I have to do everyting with my 2 CNA's. I'm like a unit secretary, cook, RN, security guard, payroll clerk, supplies, and maintenance LVN rolled into one.

What's funny is that all these night nurses were once pm shift nurses. REJECTS!

It's all good! my new job just has me working as an LVN only!

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Get well soon! ;)

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