I have GREAT co-workers

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I finally went back to work last night after 3 months off with a fractured tibia. Dreaded it....until I walked in the door. Got lots of welcome backs and hugs. And...a smaller team than the others, rooms closest to the nurse's station. Everyone asking how it was going, offering help frquently. Now I'm up and getting awake for tonight and already got a call to see how the night went; call from the boss. My fellow nurses are the BEST !!! They make any bad day a better one. :yeah::yeah::yeah:

Wow I have been out of work for 4 months due to heart surgery to close a pfo found in my heart and I should be returning in 3 to 4 weeks and I hope my fellow nurses and med assistants welcome me back just as well as yours did. Congrats and hope u are feeling much better....


and i hope YOU are feeling better as well, erindel.

be and stay well.


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Good for you gurl, they are great co-workers...but YOU are a great gurl also, your posting warm my heart...here you are! Great news... so this a reality not a dream... are nice people around just look at them!:yeah::yeah:

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Thanks for your kind reply leslie..... :)

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