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l believe that those of us who wrote to J&J voiced the same concerns about their ad and it's relevence to nursing. Perhaps this reply was sent to all of us who wrote, but the reply is specific enough to believe that it was actually looked at and considered...we can hope!....Maybe l will write again....l dunno.

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I agree w/ sjoe! While their ads may not be perfect, it IS an attempt to bring more people into the profession. THAT in and of itself is highly commendable. I'm not seeing any other pharmacuetical companies do that, and the next time I need Band-aids, I'll remember!

I think it would be helpful to specifically identify what you believe the issues preventing people from coming into and staying the profession, without discouraging J&J from making future ads.


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I did specifically identify what I believe are the issues preventing people from coming into the field, and what causes nurses to leave.

All I got was a form letter telling me (and everyone else who wrote to them on the issue) "yes, we looked at the links you sent, blah, blah blah"

From their response, J&J seems to think that the "shortage" is just a matter of supply and and demand. The issue is much more complicated than that.

Instead of spending big $$$ trying to recruit new nurses by misrepresenting what nursing is like, maybe they should spend that money to increase staffing ratios!

Nurses are often sent home and cancelled because mgmt thinks we are "overstaffed". BS! They just don't want to pay for staffing.

I will remember to NOT purchase anything from J&J in the future.

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I am not "eating" our "new friends".

I happen to have a web-site for nursing students and those who are considering nursing as a career. My web-site discusses nursing in a realistic way. I am involved in online mentoring and tutoring.

I want people to come into nursing, BUT..... with their eyes WIDE OPEN and know what it is really about.

IMO, the ads are misleading.

I consider those who are involved in unionizing nurses, writing letters to editors, law-makers etc., addressing the situation nurses are currently in, and those who look at ways to improve working conditions to be "friends" of nursing.

I feel that these ads are just putting a frilly, sweet band-aide, (J&J brand) on what is a hemorrhaging wound.

I have read several recent studies that show more new grads are leaving nursing, and sooner, than ever before. The number one reason given is "disatisfaction with the reality of nursing, poor working conditions, and inability to provide high quality care due to nurse-to-pt ratios."

To paraphrase another poster on this topic: "Wouldn't it make more sense to stop the leak in the bucket before you pour more water into it?"

I did write to J&J again. I kept my letter very professional and positive so as not to put them off. I received the exact same form letter in reply.

I respect your opinons, but I cannot agree with them.

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