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Just wanted to ask you ..how many times did you apply before you got in? Also did you apply to different programs or just one? I'm asking because I applied for the first time and just found out I didn't make it...so just wanted to ask! Congrats!

This is my frist program and the only one I applied too, however, that said, I knew this was my only choice and I had to do what I had to do to get in. In my case i am an older returning adult and knew I needed a 4.0 to get in, so that's what I did. We have many different schools in the area asking for different requirements so there were many options for those out there who couldn't swing the grades. I don't think it's all about grades anyway, it's just what worked for me. Good luck to you.


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Yeah this was the only time I applied and the only school I applied to! Way to put all my eggs in one basket! haha! I agree with the post above Limbo made me go crazy psycho! whew! no more anxiety evertime I think of mail or nursing school! I just need to get titers at my work so i dont have to dig up alll my vaccinations. Then a background check. Then I'm in. It never ends I guess!