I Got Accepted!!


Ok, so most of my friends and family don't understand, so I figured I would post here. I got my acceptance letter for Jan 08' for the Mass College of Pharm and Health Sciences for the accelerated nursing program!!

I am so excited!!!


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Just a little hint. You're doing this for yourself! No one else!


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You just enjoy yourself up there on "Cloud 9"!!! :yeah:


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CONGRATSSSSSSS, THANK YOU LORD!!!!!:yeah::yeah::yeah::clpty:


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LOL. You are so right...only other people in this crazy process understand.

Jumping with joy for you!



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congratulations. You were to come here for your celebration.


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I am so proud of you!!! These programs are so competitive. I know I am just finishing one myself. It is tough, but all so worth it. And please try to stay focused and ignore those same family and friends when they start complaining that you can't come out and play with them when you have to study. To be honest, that is the hardest part of getting through the program, and it shouldn't be. Good luck to you!

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CONGRATS!! I know where you're coming from. When I got my acceptance, my family was happy but I could tell they didn't understand the extent of what it all really means!!!

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