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I had my first test today and.....


I GOT A 97%!!!!!

Anyways i had to share i am so happy!!! I was in the top 4 in the class.... and now I am studying for a legal and ethical test that I have Thurs...Wish me luck!!! :)


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Congrats on the great score. Best wishes for your next exam!!!

You rock Amy!! I think you need a glass of champagne tonight...well done!

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Awesome. Kudos to you! Keep up the good work!


I'll do a happy dance for you! Congrats ~ be proud, I'm sure you worked hard for it!

good for you! I did well on my first test also!! keep it up!!


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Congrats! I just found out that I got an A on my first test, too. At least we know what to expect now, right? ;)

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