I can't find a job!!!!

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I passed my nclex oct 15th, 2010. I have applying like crazy for all nursing jobs. still no replies, where are all the jobs? I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a job. I don't want to go to a nursing temp place because I am fresh out of school. wow I needed to get that off my chest!:mad:

I don't know which part of VA you are in, but if you're in NoVA, there are new grad programs that start in Feb/ March, and I believe that some of them already have their applications up (I'm pretty Georgetown's already is, if it even still is). I have heard that there are several hospitals hiring new grads for winter '11.

I am in richmond. I wish I were closer to northen, VA

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It's a tough job market everywhere. Are you able to relocate?

not really at the moment, I have been out of work for a while. My husband's job is here as well. I have a little one as well so it makes it extra hard to relocate right now.

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:( Sorry to hear it. Just keep trying!!
:D Thank you, I will! is the cost of living higher in northern, virginia?
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From my experience, the cost of living in Northern VA can be considerably higher than in Richmond. You'll definitely see an increase in the cost of rent. When I lived in Richmond, the cost of gas was often 30 cents cheaper than what my family in Northern VA was paying.

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where are you located at?

I am in richmond , va and you?:nurse:

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You're not alone! We're all having trouble landing new grad positions! I just got hired last week and I graduated in August and passed my boards in early September so, don't get too down about it. I know it's still a bit away from you but UVA is currently hiring new grads for their Feb '11 rotation. I'm sure you've seen that Bon Secours is hiring down near you but if you've only applied online, I'd do more. Try getting your nursing professors involved or find someone in the hospital to refer you... that's what really helped me. I know it's easier said than done but try and keep a positive outlook. Something will definitely come along if you're persistent.

Also, keep an eye on federal positions (usajobs.gov) since some of them don't require experience, and state positions. Here's one that doesn't require experience: https://jobs.agencies.virginia.gov/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=369484

Best of luck!

Thank you so much vwde!!!! I applied for a few more postions today. I am planning on going to a few place tomorrow and apply in person. some place do not take applications in person in more. :yeah: I am trying to stay postive but it is very hard I have a two and half year old son to care for.

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