I can't find a job, feeling down.

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i graduated on may 8, and have been applying for jobs since feb. i have applied for dozens of positions, at 14 hospitals, sent out many cover letters/resumes, had 2 interviews. still, i do not have a job. i have no experience, but i graduated with a 3.56 gpa. i passed nclex, and have my license. i never dreamed it would be this difficult to find a job. my family is really struggling financially, and i really want to work. i am feeling really defeated. i do not feel prepared to do home care, i have applied to a few efc's, although that is no my first choice, at this point, i will do it.

are there any hidden places i may not be thinking of? due to the mi nursing scholarship, i cannot work in a private dr. office, or a federal place.

any prayers would be appreciated. i am trying to wait patiently on the lord.


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i will pray for you. you will get a job. can you try nursing home? i am confident you will get a job in coming two months. i will pray for you as i said before


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I feel your pain. I was a December, 2008 grad. Took my boards late March and started looking for a position mid-April. I too was surprised at how hard it was to find a position. Like you, I had no hospital experience, but had a high GPA and was a second degree student, so I thought my life experience would count for something. I applied everywhere- rehab, subacute, dialysis centers etc.... Finally was hired at a ltc facility on the subacute/rehab floor. I am just now completing my first week of orientation and even though it wasn't what I wanted, I am glad I can start to practice nursing. I would apply everywhere, even those places that stated they want experienced nurses. Also, try ltc and rehab facilities. I wish you the best in your job hunt.

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I know your feeling. I am in your shoes as well. I graduated on May 16, been applying since Feb, been on 4 interviews and have not been job offered. I take NCLEX tomorrow (YIKES) and I have an interview on Thursday for an ICU position in a Level I trauma center. I prayed to God, cried my eyes out, and asked God to place me where HE sees me fit and the best fit for me as well. I put in approximately 100 applications and was getting rejection emails daily.

Since I have a corporate background, I did land a job back in the corporate world for the time being, until nursing opens up. The job starts on July 20, and I've decided to stick with this job until the nursing job I wants comes along. In the meantime, I'll take some certification classes to make myself more marketable.

The ICU position I'm interviewing for is for December. So, hopefully, I get it and work the job I have now until then. God has a way for working things out that's in our best interest, but HE has to do it HIS way, not yours.

I will pray for you and lift you up in spirit. You will get a nurse job, but in the meantime, try applying at the community blood center, diayalsis, nursing homes, things of that nature. And stay lifted up in prayer!


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Take a deep breath.... your time will come... I graduated in December in Indiana which has a pfofound shortage of RN's. It took all of us three months to find a job. Good luck! ~Dan

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Listen, go for the physician office and federal jobs! You have to feed your family!

As long as you eventually work in a hospital (like within a year or so), i don't see why you can't work in the aforementioned places. You probably just won't get credit for working there; that's all.

Having said that, look for public health nursing jobs, student nurse jobs, clinic jobs, urgent care center jobs, prison jobs, ltc jobs, infusion jobs, etc.

If you live within an hour of another state, start looking there! Just stay at the job for a year and come back to your state to fulfill your contract.

The worst that can happen is that the state will ask for their money back. By that time, you'll be gainfully employed and they'll just have to wait in line with the rest of the creditors that are probably breathing down your family's neck.

Last but not least, I will definitely pray for you! In Jesus name, I pray that you find a nursing job that pays the bills and satisfies your preferred working environment.

Keep praying! :-)

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You are not alone! I'm a May grad as well and am taking my time studying to take my boards because the job market is soooo depressing right now. I saw fellow students lose their jobs once they passed their boards because of hiring freezes. They were very good at what they did, but it didn't matter.

You are so right, God will lead you exactly where He wants you to go. I have faith that He has a plan for me and will guide me in His direction. Good luck with your interview.


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I am sorry to hear about this esp with the nursing shortage that we have. I can remember when I graduated in 1996. I had thought it would be easy to get a job but it wasn't. Try long term care. They are always hiring. I know it is probably not what you want but it will do until something else comes up. Best of luck to you! We need you so hang in there.


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guys we should be all thankful to have jobs.


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Hook up with some of the nurse head hunter agencies.

You will probably make less money at first working agencies but after you get to work at a few places start sniffing around and talk to people who are working at the places they send you to. Remember, these facilities are using agencies in the first place because they are having trouble finding staff.

Also remember, 70% of all jobs are accomplished through networking with other people. The "application" form is a mere formality. Keep in mind most application forms are simply filed in a filing cabinet in HR in many cases and there is no "face" attached to them. It's only a piece of paper with a bunch of writing on it which no one cares about.

You need to stand above the crowd when looking for a job, not just submit application forms to employers.

Remember "Application Forms" is what everyone else does and so you become yet another applicant lost in the sea of other similar applicants doing the exact same thing...

"Be different" in your job searching approach. Forget the internet, ads, electronic application forms, email, messages in bottles thrown into the ocean etc.. Speak to people directly in person. Try networking, interfacing with people one on one - eye to eye.

For example.. One time I went directly to the nursing unit of a hospital and spoke directly to the nursing unit director myself. My approach was very casual. I told her my intention was to "look around and learn more about what they did on the nursing unit as a potential applicant - before I decided to apply for a job there." She explained things, showed me around briefly and the next thing you know she was asking me questions about my training and experience etc... (In other words I was being interviewed for a job.)

So, I never made any appointment through HR nor did I fill out an application form in this case. After, I was "hired" I was required to go to HR and fill out an application form AFTER I got the job !!!

The "rubber stamp" was on the application form in approx. 20 minutes by the same nursing unit director I spoke with earlier. :)

So, yes it's possible to land a job without filling out a single job application form at all!!

Creativity is the key to marketing yourself to any potential employer. Stand above the crowd and be different in your approach. Why wait around for a telephone call when it's possible to schedule your own interviews ?

My Best.

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