I finally signed up!!


:idea: i finally got the courage to sign up for one of my three ec college exams that i need to take for my rn-bsn online program!!

i hear people passing the exam left and right.... and i thought, "you know what, don't be scared anymore, just do it"

it cost me $270 and that is the fee for the exam.

when i took the nclex-rn, besides my exam fee, i also had to pay 200$ to pearson vue to take the exam-- is this the same as with the challenge tests? does anyone know?

by the way, i am taking the psych exam- at the school they recomended the reviews and rationales series, but when i went online to the ec site, they recommend a bunch of books, not just one, and one of those books, i have left over from my associates rn program--- but maybe i will just buy the book..

if anyone knows the answer to my question please let me know!!

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i just got my att letter to take the exam. i am a little nervous about it---- but that's just me always whenever it comes to testing.

anyways, i ended up buying the reviews and rationales book, because i figured that it's from pearson publishers, so they must be good.

god willing, i will pass this test, then pass the other two i have to take.

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Good Luck to you as you continue your education. Traci


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Best of luck to you! I know you can do it!!!!!


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Best wishes- YOU CAN DO IT! Keep us posted as to how it went! :yeah:

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