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I feel like giving up

by sven sven (New) New

I am a foreign graduate student of BSN program. I did in between average - well in school despite somehow taking it for granted (didnt really had a very good study habits). Nursing wasnt my own choice, it was my parent's choice. I didnt realize early enough that It was a big mistake because I grew up always doing what they say and disregarding what I think could be right. Yes, my self confidence suffered up until now, im always hesistant in every decision I make even I can think of really good reasons why I should pick a specific option. After graduating from my country, I took the board exam there, passed and immediately flew to America. It took me over a year before I was able to take the NCLEX-RN due to the evaluation and passed doing self review at the 75 mark. Now, im currently working in a nursing home at bronx, travelling to/from jersey city through commuting that takes shortest of 1 and half hour to 2 and half hours. This is my 2nd job, my first job was in Wyoming also in a nursing home for 7 mos. The thing is, I am not happy. I am always stressed and I feel like quitting my job since after day 1 on the floor. I thought giving myself sometime to realize if things could be better but it seems like the same. Im a person who doesnt speak too much though a lot of people say im a nice guy, im good at science ever since I can remember; i even took the military exam and had my science highest at 81. I am good at arts, reasoning and computers. Been assessing myself and I think im somewhat an introvert. I dont handle stress really well, whenever I feel stress I literally feel sleepy, a lil short tempered and serious. Im only 24 and im really really confused. When I ask some people I know, what they tell me is probably because ive only tried a nursing home setting probably trying another setting could take away this feeling of giving up. Like I said I took the military exam cause I want to join the military for a reason of knowing myself and knowing what I really want. Cause in the military I could choose from a a variety of jobs that I feel like doing. When I was in school, the OR really entices me but with todays economy, the only way you could land an OR position is if you have enough experience and know somebody inside and I only have a nursing home experience. im really really confused, im not happy at what im doing and it makes me a diff person who just sleeps, I dint even eat anymore. Should I shift to another career? What about my bachelor's? Today somewhat notified me that he could help me land a job at special surgery hospital probably a med-surg unit but im thinking that I would be more stressed there. Please somebody I need advice.. at the nursing home I work right now, i float, no overtimes no benefits and takes care of 40 residents. what should I do (asking advice is really something new to me, im not an open person but I feel so unhappy that im desperate for a very mature and sensitive advice)... o.o

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I would try a different area of nursing before you just give up being a nurse. Nursing home nursing isn't for everyone. There are so many areas. Look and see if you can get in to a pre/post op area. Maybe from there you can branch into the OR from there.

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Yeah, I know you've been told this already, but you definitely need to at least try a couple of different areas of nursing before giving up on something you worked so hard for. The nursing world is huge, and many nurses I've talked to who worked nursing homes then went elsewhere really hated the nursing home when looking back on it. As for stress, just about any patient care job you have is going to be stressful, so there's no guaranteed way to avoid that, but it's completely different in other areas besides nursing homes.

I don't know a whole lot about military nursing, but I think you have it backwards and would have fewer choices about your options if you did that, not more options. They would just put you where they needed you. Is it possible that you're considering that option because you were raised having other people make decisions for you and it just seems natural? I don't mean that as an insult, just saying....

Either way, explore your options more before giving up on a potentially very rewarding career.


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Hello sven,

Have you thought about working in outpatient (or "same day") surgical clinics, doctor's offices, or home health? I know these environments are very different than what you've done (and they all carry their specific type of stress), but as the posters said above, nursing home work is not for everyone.

However, you also said that the decision to become a nurse was not your decision, but your parent's decision. If you truly feel it is the wrong career for you, there is no shame in admitting that to yourself and others. You earned your BSN and have accomplished a great deal in your young life. You are young. Life is short. You deserve to be happy!

Good luck to you !


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Hi Sven,

I'm sorry you seem to be struggling so much. I agree with the other posters that you might try looking into nursing jobs in different types of settings. If your willing to relocate you could have a lot more options.

It also concerns me that you sound so stressed. Not eating and feeling tired and sleepy all the are symptoms of depression. I would suggest a full physical with your PCP to rule out any physiological issues and counseling.

Do you have any hobbies? It sounds like you are still unsure where your passion truly lies. Try to get involved in some community activities, take a class just for fun that has nothing to do with nursing, or volunteer your time for a worthy cause. You might find something you are truly gifted at and work might feel less stressful if you have something else you enjoy to focus on. Best of luck.


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Endoscopy, which is typically outpatient, might by a great way to get your foot in the door at a hospital, and a way to get into the OR eventually. Have confidence in yourself and move forward. It is definitely time to move on. There is no shame in admitting to a potential employer that nursing home work isn't a good fit for you. At least you got busy doing something. It's understandable that with your love of technology and science, you would do better in a more technical setting. Best wishes to you!