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this is my second semester in college after taking an 8 year break from school. Unfortunately I under estimated my classes and because I tried packing so many classes into one semester I'm in danger of falling CHM 1033 and the lab. What is an alternative if I do fail? I had no clue the nursing program only counts your science gpa. Please help!!!!

What is their policy on repeating courses?

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It really depends on the school. One school I'm applying to averages ALL your classes (even if you got a D in basket weaving it lowers your overall GPA) and you must have a 3.0 overall to even be considered. In addition you must have a 3.8 GPA for your science classes. So for them, it would probably be mathematically impossible for you to ever apply there. However another school I am considering requires a C in each of the science courses, so you would be ok there. You need to investigate the school itself and call and ask questions. Honestly, you probably should have dropped prior to this point. My drop period was 2 weeks ago and now if I tried to drop Id just receive the failing grade (which is worse than a drop). Good Luck to you.

Hopefully you can drop the class with a W at this point. You still have to repeat the course, but a W is better than a failing grade.

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You need to see if you can withdraw from the course. Having a W on your transcript will mean nothing. Having an F can make the difference between getting accepted or not.

I have tried to drop but was warned not too by advisors and financial aid. They said to try my best which I have been but it's not looking to good now. My only option would be to retake the class considering that this is my first science class I am failing. I'm thinking take this as a lesson and retake this science class and make sure to take the rest of my science by itself to make sure I pass even tho that will mean it will take longer for me to apply for nursing program better safe then sorry right?

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