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I Failed My NCLEX exam - after my 4th attempt.

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Hello Everyone,

Well I got the bad news yesterday again.

After writing the CRNE 3 times - and failing all 3 times.

The board of nurses granted me a 4th time to write the NCLEX.

In which I failed again. :( . I was right on the border as i was for all my attempts.

I took a prep course - and studied all the recommended books hours on end.

I really don't get it.

To make a long story short -

I came here to seek some advice,

I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation as I.

I am wondering what my options are at this point.

I am from Canada, And am willing to write in the states if I am granted permission.

:( - I am really devastated right now.

I am just reaching out to the community for some help.

Please and thank you


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Don't give up. You can do it.

Hello, I am so sorry, this is very unfortunate. I haven't written the NCLEX yet as I have just recently graduated but I am writing in a couple of weeks. I too am Canadian as you can tell from my username. May I ask what did you use to study? I have been using HURST & NCSBN and I find them really helpful. I know several of classmates who have written the NCLEX and passed used NCSBN and HESI Comprehensive NCLEX Review that was provided by my school. If you are able to write in the states you should definitely go for it!

i think i failed mine to . there is no way of studying for it they have a 15k question test bank *** how do you study for that ... you cant

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i think i failed mine to . there is no way of studying for it they have a 15k question test bank *** how do you study for that ... you cant

You study for it by having a good handle on the content that a nursing graduate should know, learning strategies that help you pick the correct answer, and then practicing your knowledge and test strategies by doing questions.

I think you'll set yourself up for failure if you don't prepare because "the test bank is so big, there's no way to study."

I am so sorry to hear this. Check out my thread for some tips. The key is to do questions and review rationale. Think in NCLEX mode.

Hi i failed my 1st attempt nclex pn 7months ago. Its difficult for me because i went to nursing school,then had to stop halfway because they didnt have financial aid.it took me 3 years to go back and finish in march 2014. What advice would you give someone like me,to be able to pass nclex?im depending mostly on mastery app now and barely studied from the reaources i studied in my 1st attempt.any feedback is appreciated,thanks so much


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[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]I don't know if this will help at all but this is what helped me to pass my boards. First off know your study habits. My best friend needed to study hours a day for at least a week before most tests I only needed to study a few hours over the course of two or three days. So know your study habits because that will help you set a study pace. The next thing I did was I bought an updated NCLEX review book to make sure I was studying the latest content. The third thing I did was went through the book and reviewed all the content and then came back and really studied and focused on the areas I felt weakest in. If you feel confident in cardiac a light review is probably more than sufficient instead focus on the areas you know you're weakest in so you can improve them. The key to passing the boards is in using the knowledge you have and in choosing the most rational answer. For my boards I read each question several times and then broke it down into what are they really asking me. I then worked to eliminate any obviously wrong answers and then rationalized the remaining choices. Take your time though and always go with your gut instinct it's usually right. I hope this helps.[/COLOR]

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