I dont know if it is right or what?


13 days from now im going to take the NCLEX-Rn exam i been reading for almost 5months i been doing set of questions training from Kaplan and then Saunders I got 50's 60 and few 70 in my scores and i know that is not enough to take the NCLEX.Why I feel this way i dont feel any nervous break down,anxiety or even panic with the coming exam.and others are starting to pull me down sometimes it turns my confidence down .Huh is this right to feel this way?. All I know is that I give everything i trust God my family loves me passed or not and im ready to face what God will give me...come what may...In God I trust :nurse:

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Yes it is normal to feel the way you do right now.. Everything you have gone through in nursing school has lead you to this moment for this exam..

Try not to put so much pressure on yourself. Try to relax. Continue doing questions and make sure you understand and know your nursing content ie lab values, S&S etc.. Know delegation, prioritization and infection control..

Good luck to you and keep us posted...