I am being discriminated against because I am a male nurse


Hi Lorie,

I am in the CDDP with NCBON in North Carolina I feel I am being discriminated against because I am a male and also because I live in a really rural area of the state....I have to travel 120 miles round trip (excessive) to provide an observed urine screen..If that facility doesn't have a male to observe me then I have to travel another 40 miles to have a male to observe. The fact I am a male makes me travel further and the fact I live so far out in the country is also discriminatory. It already cost me $76 for a screen, and the mileage wear and tear on my car (which is 19 years old is both time consuming and expensive, not to mention puts me at more of a risk for an accident. I feel I am being punished more than a female nurse who lives in a town or city...What is your opinion?

I hear your concern. Have you talked to the CDDP regarding this issue? In my experience, peer assistance programs generally will try to work with you to help find a solution to these types of issues.

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Can you just request to have the test observed by a female? I'd post on the Addiction/Recovery forum, I'm sure they'll have some advice on the topic.

As for the distance issue, it sounds like there's nothing you can do but grin and bear it (or move to a more populous area). It stinks, but I can't imagine that they'd change their staffing, policies, or which facilities they accept specimens from on your behalf, although there's no harm in asking.

Are you asking if you can take legal action if they don't make special arrangements for you? I'm sure Lorie knows more about this than I do, but it seems like you could only argue that they're discriminating against you as a man if you request to be seen as the closest location regarless of the observer's gender and they refuse. What do you think, Lorie?

I'm sorry you're in that situation, it does sound really frustrating and excessive.

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With the #MeToo movement I can't imagine they would let you be observed by a female like posted above. I think your best bet would be to coordinate with the facility so you can take your test on a day/time that a male is available to observe.


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Is there any way to arrange for a blood test in lieu of a urine test if appropriate staff are not available when you need to test?