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I completed my program!




I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This feels AMAZING! I couldn't be more happy. A hard stressful year is over!!!

Hello life, nice to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to those of you out there who are in it now, or waiting to start. Stick to it, and don't give it!


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Congratulations to you! I will be in your shoes next year hopefully


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I cant wait till I can make my post that says I did it....you make me feel so excited to get started!!!

So whats your next step..have you taken your boards yet? Are you going to continue for you RN? Sorry if I'm being nosey!!

I complpeted my program a month ago, but I haven't gotten my ATT, and I just got my driving permit so I'm itching to learn how to drive. Can't wait to pass the NCLEX test and start working. I also want to pursue my BSN in Nursing also and I' m 28 years old about to be 29 this year. Congratulations to all the graduates.


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Congrats!! I start mine next weeek, I couldnt be more excited!

Congratulations!!! I have 7 more months to go!

I'm going to take my boards ASAP. I took the comprehensive ATI and it said I had a 98% chance of passing on the 1st try. So I am going to take the boards and get a job. Once summer is over I will go to my local community college and start on pre-reqs for the RN bridge. I'll take it part time and slow, my goal is to get to RN in 5 years. I know I can do it. Thanks everyone for your congrats!


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CONGRATSSSSSSSS omg I hope thats me next June 2011!!! I am starting MedSurg and people are scaring meee....GOODLUCK AND CONGRATS TO YOU!

Congratulations :yeah:

I can't wait to be posting this.....But, I don't even start my program until May so I have a year to go :eek:

Good luck with your future as a nurse :nurse:


i completed my program in march.


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congratulations!!!!!! :clpty:

i just graduated my lpn program on friday, so i am also doing the excited dance.

i know how hard it has been, but it will pay off big time now. good luck


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:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:CONGRATS TO YOU....I'm glad you have your life back...I'm waiting to see if I'm starting the LVN or BSN program....pray for me....lol.....so happy for you...enjoy your new career!!!!!:D