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I chose Nursing as my major! College Freshman

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Hi! I graduated high school this year (2014!!) and I will be taking my pre-reqs at community college & become a LPN & transfer to a nursing school & get my RN. I come from a family of nurses, they didn't major in nursing when they were fresh out of high school like me. >So I know it was probably harder for them considering they have kids & all. For some reason I think nursing school is going to be easy but in the back of my head I remember statements from others like....>>> THAT'S GREAT BUT THAT IS REALLY HARD!!! && etc. I have faith in God & Ik anything is possible with him 1st!


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My daughter graduated this year too! She starts a BSN program in the fall. Nursing school is difficult.... It is much harder than you think. However, many, many have done it before you....I wish you the best on your journey!


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As Esme12 said, many have done it.

All I can say is keep focused on your goal and do not listen to the negative people in your life. As you stated, anything is possible with God and I believe that as well. Keep a lot of positive people around you during this journey and you might be surprised at what you are capable of. If people are negative towards your goals then you need to either end the relationship or limit the time you spend with that person.

It will be tougher than other degree programs but the rewards will be that much sweeter. Best of luck!

Thankyou I love the advice!!! :yes:

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the advice is stuck in my head! :)

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I think the absolute best advice I can give you is to do well in your prereqs. I see so many people come in here and they have such a hard time getting into nursing school because they didn't take school seriously when they were 18 years old. Those old grades are in their GPA and now they are done. I think it is great you know at this age what you want to do with your life. I did not. I did not know until later in life. But just don't make the mistake and party all the time that most freshman make. I think you will be fine as long as you have a goal and stick with it.

I also want to add, that I don't think you should do nothing but study. Go and have a good time also. You are young and your time is now!! Just don't let that become your whole focus.

I think that if I had any advice as a pre-nursing major going into my second year and as someone who knows a tremendous amount about my school's program, it would be not to be too cocky. Nursing school is definitely difficult. Stay humble, expect the worst and do your best. Don't beat yourself up over a B+. I know people who are retaking chemistry because they got an 89%.

The "best" teacher isn't always the best teacher. 90% of my friends (nursing and non nursing majors) took chemistry this past spring semester and a good amount of them took it with the same teacher (huge class) who was supposedly the best chemistry teacher at our university. I took it with the "worst" teacher over summer (15 weeks worth of work in 5 weeks) and got an A which was better than most of my friends and I hate chemistry as much as everyone else.

Thank you' ik sometimes I can be so confident in my self like i got this & it may seem a little cocky

Thank you so much I needed to hear this. I'm not into partying & I wanted to try it when I go to college. But I refuse to chooses it over my education! Do you have any study tips????

Thank you so much I needed to hear this. I'm not into partying & I wanted to try it when I go to college. But I refuse to choose it over my education! Do you have any study tips????

Congratulations on your decision to attend nursing school. Its amazing you feel draw to a profession being so young. It took me some years to make up my mind about what i wanted to be when i "grow up".

Just a pointer... Instead of going the LPN route wouldn't there be a way for you to go straight for the RN license? Not putting down LPN or anything, but if your final goal its RN why not go straight for it?

As for study tips...

Pay attention in your pre reqs classes as they would be the foundation as to what to expect later on nursing school.

Don't get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information there is in those classes, you don't need to know everything to the "T" , you need and overall knowledge of it and well enough yo pass your class with an "A" hopefully.

Enjoy your youth too, study hard but also find time to do whatever it is that brings you joy. Happiness its a great homeopatic medicine IMHO.