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  1. Loyola University ABSN Fall 2017 Admits

    I'd be happy to read yours if you want to PM me!
  2. Loyola University ABSN Fall 2017 Admits

    Hey! I'm relocating as well for Spring 2018 and looking for places to live still!
  3. I start my ABSN program in January, but there is a BSN program at my current university where I'm getting my public health degree at and I've definitely heard that the vibe in the program is cutthroat. I applied, but haven't heard back and I'm pretty...
  4. Loyola University ABSN Fall 2017 Admits

    Do you remember how long after you got accepted it took them to further communicate with you on what the next steps are? I was accepted a week ago for Spring 2018 and haven't recieved any info on my next steps. I talked to my admissions counselor but...
  5. Loyola University ABSN Fall 2017 Admits

    I was just accepted for Spring 2018 at the Maywood campus. I have a 3.46 undergraduate GPA (Public Health), but I never calculated my prerequisite GPA for Loyola. I had mostly As and Bs in all of my classes, minus a C in an organic chemistry lab and ...
  6. Recommended credits to take each semester?

    For full time I'd say 12-15 credits per semester. At my school, 12 is full time and 15 is required for scholarships and financial aid through the university unless you get special permission but even my advisor said she would never recommend a pre-nu...
  7. 2015 Nursing School Applicants (all)

    What classes/entrance exams do you have left? I'm currently in a communications class for my com requirement, a soc class for my behavioral science, and A&P I. I'm taking micro and ochem over summer and I'll be taking A&P II when I apply to ...
  8. Should I take an entrance exam?

    I'm hopefully applying to nursing school in the fall and I planned on applying to more schools than just the current one I'm attending. My school doesn't require an entrance exam so I don't know much about them but some of the back up schools do. Sho...
  9. What if you don't get into a nursing program?

    I'll probably get my degree in community health sciences or human development & family studies. If I was able to find a job where I go to school at now, I'd stay in the area and apply as a second degree seeking student to our nursing program beca...
  10. to email or not Admissions Director

    I don't think it's a good idea. They probably have a lot of applications and if everyone emailed him/her, that's an additional thing that they have to consider. If your grades aren't as good enough as all the other applicants it doesn't matter whethe...
  11. Veganism and the pursue of nursing

    I don't see how the two have any sort of correlation. Your eating habits are your choice, just like your patients' eating habits will be theirs. As long as you don't tell your patients to go vegan, the two have absolutely nothing to do with one anoth...
  12. UNR Orvis School Of Nursing

    I'm a current student at Nevada and it truly is competitive, especially if you didn't graduate from a Nevada high school. I had a friend who applied this past fall with a 3.6 or 3.7 I believe and was rejected before the interview process for his GPA.
  13. A&P 1 lecture or lab? Whats harder?

    I'm taking it this semester as well and from what I've heard lecture is pretty difficult because you have to know all the functions, where as in lab it's just repetition.
  14. What prerequisites did you take/ are you taking?

    So far I've taken: General Chemistry Intro to Molecular and Cellular Biology (not a pre-req for nursing school but for the other bio classes) Lifespan Development Nutrition Core Math Anatomy & Physiology I Communications A Behavioral Science El...
  15. Is a B in A&P bad?

    A B is a good grade, but it really depends on the program(s) you want to apply to. Personally, in the program I want to apply to, most students would retake it. My advisor told me that I want to shoot for at least a 3.9 because I didn't graduate from...