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I blew my first interview!!!!!


I don't think I will ever get over being so nervous!!!! I could barely get out the right words.......so embarrassing:crying2:

I'm depressed:cry: I don't think I will ever get a job. And on top of that, It's even harder for me to be considered for a position because I have no experience!!!

This sux

DolceVita, BSN, RN

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I am sorry to hear this. Are you certain that you "blew it"?

I suggest you get a list of possible interview questions (there are threads on this site that have them or use Google). Then get all dressed up in your interview outfit and have someone you know ask you the questions.... a dress rehearsal. Do this a couple of times. If you can remember the questions they asked you at this last interview, add them to the list.

Also, remember that when asked a question you don't need to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Listen, think and answer.

You obviously had what they wanted on paper. Remember when you are invited to an interview THEY did the asking. I am not saying you have the job "all sewn up" but you are pretty far down the road.

You CAN do this. My goodness you just completed your RN! Of course you can do this.

I really wish you luck.

I'm sure you will do better on your next one!!! Everyone gets nervous sometime, you can't help that. But you Can practice thinking in a more positive way, by thinking of how much you want the position you're applying for, and how that eagerness to take on that role will easily show to your interviewer(s) as long as you are answering honestly and with sincerity. I've read that the process of choosing people for interviews is where the employers assess whether you're qualified or not, so don't worry if you don't have the experience yet (because they already know that and they Still chose to give you a chance, so it's possible! So focus on what you know you Can bring to their team and make that known). I think it's important to remember that our passions give us confidence and you can't do more than be yourself (in a professional way), and i think knowing that will help you be less nervous next time. Remember, they don't know what your faults are, don't think of what you have to be afraid of in the moment, think about how well things Could go and how you need to think and act in order for it to come true. Believing in yourself is the first step towards accomplishing anything. Good luck!

CrufflerJJ, RN

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OK - this was your first interview. My first interview was a great learning experience, too. Even if you did blow this one (who knows?), your later interviews are bound to be better/less stressful since you now know what they're like.

Stick with it!


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You gotta start some where! You will do better on the next one :)


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Be positive...at least you got an interview! There are tons that never get one!!

If it makes you feel any better, I completely "blew it" an interview for a nursing job. As i was walking up to the manager's desk (who was going to be interviewing me), I dropped all of the papers that were in my hands all over the floor in front of her desk, then as i picked them up and tried to compose myself, I forgot to shake her hand. The interview was quick and I could tell I didn't get the job, and I didn't. But, it's okay, because my next interview went well and I got the job! You will be fine next time, just don't worry about it. Good luck!

spongebob6286, BSN, RN

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Be positive...at least you got an interview! There are tons that never get one!!

exactly! they must have seen something eye catching in your resume so you got an interview. imagine piles of resumes in their office and youre one of them given a chance to be interviewed.

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