I can't believe it

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:uhoh3: only four weeks left......till my nursing class....ahhh..:rotfl:

Hi Daisy, I'm here in MA too. Where in MA are you going to school?

I start my senior year on Sept 7th.


Hi, I'm starting at Massasoit this Sept. How about you?

Me too in 3 weeks.

Hi, I'm starting at Massasoit this Sept. How about you?

Wow, that's where I attend. You can feel free to pm me with any questions.

Are you all excited???

I can't wait to pick up my last book. I only need one for this semester and I can pick that up after Aug 13. Yipee

Did you get you math packet in the mail yet? Don't stress over it. Its just to give the staff an idea if you need tutoring help before they start on drug calculations.


Me too in 3 weeks.

Paleobug, are you a freshman too?

I'm a senior this fall. Are you excited too?

Feel free to pm me with any questions. Did you get your math quiz yet?


hi berta, yes i did get my math packet in the mail, and yes i'll admit i freaked out. my husband and i worked on it. i'm going to keep doing the problems every week so that the formulas/problems get second nature to me.

as for being excited, i am...but i'm nervous to. the just not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone is killing me. i spent the last 3 semesters and a summer with practically the same students, and now they won't be there. (kind of sad)

anyway, thanks for your offer, i'm glad i can write you if i have any questions. which i'm sure i will. :)

I start on the 16th! Thats next week! I can't seem to cram enough info in my head fast enough... Maybe I should just start eating my anatomy and physiology notes? Good luck for all of you who start soon!

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