I can't believe I let this man hurt me like this

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I am so sorry for the loss of your little babies. I do encourage you to get counselling. My son and his fiancee lost a baby at 18 weeks, and that has been a year and a half ago, and they are just NOW beginning to feel halfway normal and able to cope with life. She never would go for counselling, and he went once, then didn't go again until this recent spring.

I know your babies are waiting for you in Heaven, but please, take care of yourself, and stay away from that man!!!!



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I am so sorry you are going through this! It's sooo hard to lose a pregnancy, much less to not have a supportive partner, or a partner who is being insensitive..... that is too much! I am angry and sad for you. I know there's not much I can add to the other excellent posts, just know you and your boys are in my prayers. Take care of you, sweetie....let your heart heal....it will. Hug your precious boys; they are lucky to have you as their mom!

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You need to care for yourself and let him find a way to help himself that does not currently include you...Lately I have had to seek help and I am glad I did ....You are not responsible for thinking or worrying about this man..You need to care for you..Many prayers to you...{{{}}}

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I know I will get better, and I know my boys will get over this, and we will most definitely be doing it without him.


Maybe he was already planning to leave, but used this as an excuse?

So sorry to hear of your losses, of the twins and of him. It sounds like tho you are better off without him, with or without the twins.

{{{{{{{{{{{Mom 2 boys }}}}}}}}

God bless you. Praying for your swift recovery.


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Kim, I am so sorry! (((HUGS))) to you. It hurts, I know. My baby girl was stillborn last August at 26 weeks.

Please visit www.nationalshareoffice.com ASAP!

You will be amongst many, many women who know exactly what you're going through!

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