I am back guys need help


I was fired from my job for violating company policy. I worked in homecare and I was told to work my schedule out with the family. The other nurse that worked with me on this case was told the same thing (so was the family).I had a new supervisor, my previous supervisor retired. The other nurse that I worked with wrote me a letter to attest to this fact. The supervisor that informed us to do this denies it. Anyway I am looking for another job. I am in RN school (I am an LPN now) and I graduate in August. I have been a nurse since 1995. I have experience in MEd-Surg, critical care, wound care, Homecare (10Years), Traches/Vents. I have been a supervisor many times. This is the first time I have been fired. I have never had a write up or suspension (even in the job I was fired from). Not one call off or been late in three years. I don't know where to start and what to do, I feel lost. I don't know if I should put this job on my resume or not I was there for three years.....Advice guys? You guys are so smart, it's nice to get perspective from your peers. Thanks in advance. I don't really want to work in LTC, but if I have to..okay, but I would rather not.

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concentrate on school and forget this place. It was a bad experience but should not interfere with your future


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I am a widow with 2 children. Believe it or not I need a job to finish school. I have enough financial aide to pay for my last two classes. So I need money to pay for 1 class. I also need to support my kids. I have been waiting four weeks for unemployment and it keeps saying that my clain is pending. If it gets approved we will be okay. I am working from the scenario if it doesn't get approved. I live in Akron Ohio and I need a job at least for the next few months and longer. (Hopefully it will be something I like)..

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Unemployment will be retroactive, so that will help when it comes in. Can you get a quick loan from a bank that knows you well, or even (eek) a cash advance on your plastic to tide you over?

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After reading this thread, I went back and read the thread from 2/22/14.

I'm still not sure what happened, but I'm sorry you're without a job with children to support.

I don't know how you can leave this job off your resume. There are creative ways to word a job departure without saying "fired". You could also include the family and the other nurses on the case as references.

On the other thread, you stated that you'd received counseling and seen an attorney. Follow their advice.

I'd continue looking for a job. It's the most stable and reliable way to pay your bills and raise your kids. It'll be nice when unemployment kicks in, but that's uncertain, and right now you need stability.

There are lots of us that have been fired, and continue as nurses.


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Yes put on your resume. Apply for jobs you are qualified if its nursing home so be it unless you can afford to be picky. Good luck with school!


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Thanks for the advice, I didn't think I could make it through this but I did and I am. The crappy thing is my supervisor kept saying you are such a good nurse, there's no question about the care you provide. I was and am just hurt, but I am ready to move on. I feel better about everything. You guys have made me feel better and helped me get through this. I was even going to quit school when this happened. Thank you guys so much I am glad I didn't make any rash decisions. With you guys' support I got an A and a B in my nursing courses. I don't know how I did it, but I did. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Family doesn't always understand because they aren't nurses. Sometimes it takes other nurses to put things into perspective. :yes:

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So you were fired for scheduling issues, not the fraud you mentioned in a previous post for writing the wrong date. I am confused hahaha.


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To clarify I traded my work days (I did work the hours) My father's funeral was on the date I traded and I had four molars that were infected (I was assaulted by my nephew when I intervened my brother was stabbed 9 times), and I wrote the wrong date. I wrote an addendum nurses note with the correct date that I worked. I was fired for trading dates. I told the scheduler and NOT my nursing supervisor. The scheduler told me it was okay to switch the days. Me and the other nurse were told this.