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I have a BA in nursing, could i take the LPN

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I have a BA but have failed the RN exam for the 5th time now, and I was thinking the LPN exam would be easier to pass. I'm just flat broke and cant afford to keep doing this.

Could I take the LPN and work to make some money and then take the RN when i can afford it? I'm affraid i might not be ready for the RN test for awhile considering i keep failing it.

I personally wouldn't recommend doing this... take your RN exam. Study hard, hunker down, and try again.

Honestly I don't even think you could take the LPN exam, as you have not graduated for an LPN program. There are rules and stipulations regarding this sort of thing.

Ive seen some people take it 8 times, but the point is they stuck to their guns and they are now a nurse. I know the financial burden seems alot to bare, but in a few years when you are making good money as a nurse you will look back and see it was all worth it.

Most of all, have faith in yourself. You need to tell yourself you can and will do this. Force yourself to have confidence and then test will lie down for you.


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I know that it is hard to keep seem FAIL when you get your results but hang in there. I passed on my 5th try!!! It is possible. How and what are you studying? Did you try Suzanne plan? I would not suggest taking the LPN exam. You got through nursing school so you will pass the test. Giving up is not an option. I have spend alot of money on the EXAM, application fees and study material so I feel you on the cost. Give yourself a break and then start studying again using a different method from the last times. I will keep you in my prayers, please don't give up.


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Check with your state board of nursing.

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