I am so angry!!!!!

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We went to clinical today. In a different part of the nursing home where we are studying ( in other words, we had to switch sides with another group who is also there.) We got our assignments and proceeded to do them. We all helped each other out and everything was going fine. The instructor came around and told all of us that we were to be in the conference room at 10:50am so we could all leave at 11 to go to a Christmas lunch the college was having for the nursing students.

At 10:50, I reported off to my nurse and told my instructor I was heading down to the conference room. She said ok. There were others in the conference room, so I wasn't the only one who had reported off. At 11, no instructor. At 11:10, no instructor. At 11:15, no instructor. At 11:20, she pokes her head in the room and tells us that if we can't work together, she doesn't know what she's going to do, and that she isn't going to spoon feed us every little bit of information she thinks we need, and so on and so on. Then, she tells me my patient needs to go to the bathroom and to go take her (I reported off 30 minutes before!). While I am walking toward the pts room, an aide walks in to the room, turns the call light off and walks out! Then, after I take the lady to the bathroom, I am taking her to the dining room for lunch, only to bump into an aide, and when I say, "Oh! I'm sorry!" Know what I get in return? "Excuse you!" Then, to top it off! I find out the nurse was laughing at us the whole time we were being reamed by the instructor and SHE is the one who said for all of us to come out and finish patient care! They WERE all done! Up to that point and time every single one of our patients were done and ready to go!

Oh! And last note! The high and mighty nurse told some of the students to "Get out" of the lounge area because the "staff was going to eat."

How rude?????I don't want to go back... I HATE that place. How can people so rude and disgusting work with the elderly?

Oh! I am so angry that I could scream!


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I am sorry you had such a bad time. I can not get over that nurse!!! :eek:

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some people you just feel like slapping! :eek:

i am so sorry that you had to experience that rudeness! :eek:

Juile I am sorry about your clinical day. That is just horrible. I know some people get stressed but it does not mean you go around and take it out on others verbally. I get stressed a lot but I would never verbally or physically to someone take it out on them


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I'm only kidding, just a little dry humor there. Sounds like this nurse has forgotten that she was in your shoes at once! She definitely should have more patience and compassion, having been there and knowing how difficult it is! You just hold your head high and say a prayer for her, sounds like she needs it lots more than you do! And find consolation in the fact that it's already evident that you're definitely going to be a better nurse than her, a nurse with feeling!

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The result of what happened that fateful Wednesday afternoon was that I ended up being "written up" by the instructor that day and had to be "Counseled" by my instructor, because the first one said I had a "condecending and angry tone" when speaking with her. My full time instructor, the one who had to counsel me, asked me what happened, and she laughed it off and said she could see what had happened in her mind. I told her the whole entire scenario all the way down to the nurse laughing at us the whole time. She helped me to write a response to the "write up"(for lack of a better word) so it did not seem as if I was admitting to anything, but just that I was admitting to reading the report written about me. We talked a long time and I appreciated that. I appreciated the fact that the faculty (well, most of...) cares about our welfare in that way. Afterward, she felt like a friend in whom I could confide in. And believe me, I felt like a queen when it was all done. Rotation at the nursing home is finished until OB/PEDS/Geri, then I'm back. But not with the other instructor. She's done. Thank God!

Sorry about sounding off so in the first... but I feel so much better now, and i had to tell someone about it!

I was angry about it at first, but now, I don't really care because I know I am not the type of person that woman made me out to be and I will be a damned good nurse when I graduate and some little sniffly instructor with a bad day and a nurse who thinks she should be crowned princess of Heaven is going to make me stop my goal!

Thanks for letting me blow off guys!


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i am so glad that everything worked out! :)

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