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Isnt hypocalcemia decrease clotting time? I know calcium is one of the electrolytes that is associated in clotting. I need help, Can you explain to me the patho of calcium and clotting.

i would think its vitamin K that would be associated in clotting.

Vitamin K, but apparently calcium does too.

I don't recall learning that before.

I'm reading up on it now... lol.

It has something to do with fibrin... er fibrinogen?

I remember learning in nursing school about calcium is the only electrolyte that is associated with clotting. It helps to stop bleeding. That's why, patient who is bleeding will end up being hypocalcemic when all the calcium will go the site where the bleeding is located to help the bleeding to stop.

Interesting! Im glad you asked this question because I did not know this (or just pain forgot). Here is a link to what I found:

Blood: Platelets - The Human Heart: An Online Exploration from The Franklin Institute, made possible by Unisys

After reading this I would say that the answer to your original question, "doesnt hypocalcemia decrease clotting time?", would be yes it does increase clotting time.:

So hypocalcemic increase clotting time?

I think it would decrease clotting time.

I read that chelating agents are added to blood to prevent the calcium from binding to platelet phospholipids (???) and this prevents the blood from clotting.

I already forgot what site I was looking at when I read that, about 45 minutes ago... and I am unsure I remember it correctly now :bugeyes:.

At any rate, I got that calcium allows clotting to happen so it would decrease the clotting time... right?

And why don't I remember this from school?

Was I sleeping in class or something?


Yeah, I would think hypocalcemic will decrease clotting time.

"Calcium and vitamin K must be present in blood to support the formation of clots. If your blood is lacking these nutrients, it will take longer than normal for your blood to clot. If these nutrients are missing, you could bleed to death." http://www.fi.edu/learn/heart/)

My brain is really tired right now and im on my way to bed so forgive me if im totally off the mark here lol

This is how im looking at it;

If you increase your clotting time that means you are not going to clot as quickly as normal.

Why are you not clotting as quickly? Because with hypocalcemia you took away somthing that is helping you form clots (calcium)

So...Hypocalcemia=increased clotting time.....No??

Oh lord... HYPO... yes!

Less calcium=longer clotting time.


I was so focused on calcium, in and of itself, I kept looking past the prefix hypo.

I'm going to bed now!

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