Hydrocolloid for skin protection?


Hi! I'd like to know what other NICUs do to protect the nasal septum from breakdown when using nasal prongs for cpap or nasal cannula. Our current practice is to cut a strip of Replicare ( hydrocolloid) and apply it from just above the lip to above the tip of the nose. We change it once a shift and have had very good success with it. Now our head respiratory therapist doesn't like it because the RTs can't assess the skin underneath it. Any thoughts?


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We use Comfeel Plus Transparent. Make a "T" that goes on the top lip and up the septum. It protects against breakdown very well. Our RTs are the ones that started using it to protest the septum.

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We use these special things called "cannulaides" which is like a strip of material that feels like hydrocolloid but it has the shape and holes for the nares



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Duoderm, also a hydrocolloid


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For bubble CPAP, we "DIY" our own cannulaides with Duoderm and sticky velcro. They are changed at least q12hr. We only use cannulas on babies who are 40+ weeks with mature skin, so they don't typically require a barrier.