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Hurt on the job

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Here's my problem. My last night at work, I had an incident. First time I ever had a patient fall. Technically I don't think it would be classified as a fall, here's what happened.

I was walking by the patients room, saw that this 1 day post op patient up up out of bed and walking toward the window (which is the opposite way from the bathroom) using her walker she had wedged herself between the bed next to hers, and the chair. I came in and asked what she was doing. She was disoriented and said, "I'm not at home am I?, am I in the hospital? When am I going to have surgery?" I told her yes, she's in the hospital, she had surgery the day before, and what was she trying to do? She said, I just needed to get to the bathroom. So I said, well do you want to try to get to the bathroom, or do you want to go back to bed and have a bedpan? She stated whatever is closer. So we started back to the bed. She turned around, and took one step and said "I just can't do it" and went limp on me. I caught her, slid her down my leg to the floor and called for help. It took 3 of us to get her back into a chair. When I caught her it was a twisting motion on my back. It hurt at the time, but not something I couldn't handle. I live with chronic back pain. But when I got home my back was excruciating. Of course, it was Sat, christmas eve. My doctors were closed and so I came home took 2 lortab 10/500 (my rx is for 1 10/500) and laid down. It was excruciating. Tried heat, resting all day. Finally yesterday it was better. Not perfect but better.

Anyway - I filed an incident report on the patient, near fall, but not one on myself.

Since I've only been there 3 months I hate to do one on myself for it probably looks bad, especially since I have documented back problems. What would any of you do in this situation?

BTW. the patient wasn't hurt in any way by this (except the fact she pulled her IV out and had to get a new one in order to get her PCA morphine). But other than that the patient was fine. Of course, after this I put a personal alarm on her to stop her from getting up without us knowing.

Suggestions please? I go back to work tonight, my back is still quite sore (think I just strained it) but should I ask to not do any lifting for the night since my doctor is out of the office until tomorrow?



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When you go back into work, file a report on your injuries, and then go to see a doctor asap when they are open. If this becomes a long term problem, you will need documentary proof that you had an injury. Do you have an occupational health service? Don't know what it would be called over there... I wish you well.... keep taking regular analgesia and move as much as possible - report any new numbness and tingling (which I am sure you are aware of if you have an existing problem...)

In the UK we have an organisation called WING - the work injured nurses group and I believe you have the same in the USA at http://www.wingusa.org/ maybe looking at their site might help a bit?

Best wishes from a work injured nurse!


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Fill out a worker's compensation form and get seen. Occurrence reports are for patients. Don't include antything other than what applies directly to the patient. This isn't the place to say "I twisted awkwardly or I turned or I moved my leg".....just the facts ma'am.

On the worker's comp form is where you state what where when and how. It is between you and your occupational health office. They cannot refuse to accept the report.

If they give you any static you get an attorney. This is your livelihood and your life. Please don't try to be noble or selfless.

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This is an injury that arose out of and in the course of employment and as such falls under the jurisdiction of your State's Workers Compensation Law. File the report post-haste. Time limitations apply! Do not become time barred by reason of failure to notify. Usually notice must be given within 30 days of the accident. THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

Good luck.


Make sure you fill out a report. I had a patient that was going to fall and the person that was helping me get him back to bed was pregnant. THis patient was a tall lami patient anyways i ended up pulling my knee and ended up having to have surgery and be off work. I wasn't going to fill out a report just figured it was pulled muscle. My manager made me boy am i glad!

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Please note date on 1st post. I hope her back feels better by now. :)

When I was a CNA I had to lift a fairly large pacient and i was aking for help and no one came to help the pacient was slpiing out of their wheel chair and if no one did anything then the pacient would of fallen so i went and lifted the pacient adn after i srated to have gorien pain i didnt think anything of it at first but the next day it was so bad i had to go to the emergency room and the doctor said i had a herina and i needed surgery so then after i went to the er i went to the place i was working and filled out and incdent report and i went on workers comp for 3 or 4 monthes but when i came off workers comp i went inot work and they fired me saying that i did a no call no show when i didn't do that . so now i am going to college to become a cerfitied medical assistant then i will go for my LPN then my RN.

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