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Hurst vs NCSBN any preference?


Hello fellow nursing students... I am preparing to take the NCLEX for the 3rd time on Aug 20. For the second exam I used HURST, it was a great review and I am currently using their remediation. Basically this is going over everything again plus having almost 900 questions to answer on the same materials. I'm finding it very difficult to keep going over the same stuff, day after day. I have used other question banks but mostly have stuck with HURST. I recently read several posts where people have raved about the 3 wk NCSBN program. If anyone has taken Hurst and taken NCSBN's program I would love some imput. What is different about NCSBN? Did it help you pass the NCLEX RN or would you have done so just with the Hurst? Thanks for your help!

Hi! I took both hurst & NCSBN. If I had to pick between the two, it would be hurst, but only because it wasn't as 'reading intensive' as NCSBN. There is ALOT of info in the NCSBN review--but it's good info. The questions are great, they are difficult, but very similar to nclex. Since you've already done hurst, I would definitely suggest NCSBN. It's not terribly expensive and it's very comprehensive. Good luck!

I would also have to say NCSBN! The questions and the rationales helped me out a lot and I noticed that NCLEX asked me some things that NCSBN had and Hurst didn't.

Good luck!

HI dbrenda1510 How do HURST present their review? I used NCSBN I am almost done reading the content, they have more than 1000 questions where you can practice. I think that would help you more particularly the q.bank, in the Hurst online review is Marlene the only one teaching?

Thanks for the input mkcab. I did the live Hurst review which is 3 days of intense study going over a work book page by page. It is a good content review package which helped me a lot. After the 3 days you are own your own to do the rest. It consists of 6 qtests that have 125 questions each (with rationals) and the same material you went over in the live review on videos. No, Marlene does not do the teaching at all. Each video is by a different teacher. There is also a bonus section that provides a lot of misc information you might need but is not totally necessary to pass the test (that's how they explained it). I believe I would have passed if I had not ran out of time and only the last 60 questions were counted. My review sheet showed nearly passing standard on everyone of the areas but one and above passing on it. I just freaked when I got near the end of time and knew I was going to run out of time. I admit, the SATA questions are the absolute hardest for me. I might get 2 out of 10 correct. I really hate those! I decided to do the NCSBN and am on day 3 of the 3 wk course. It's a lot of material but you are right, the tests are really good and the material they provide is worth the program alone. I plan on passing this time! Thank you for posting on my behalf!

I'm also planning to take the NCSBN. I'm thinking of the 8 week program but is the 5 week good enough? What is the difference? I took the exam this week and I failed. I used hurst and planning to watch it all over again. My mistake was that I didn't answer as many questions that I can because I only focused on hurst material that is why I decided to take the NCSBN for questions. This time I'm not gonna rush into things and take everything slowly


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ass far as you give equal importance to each question n answer choices you will be fine . iwas in same boat for second time n didnt pass . i also dnt know how to work to reach above. when you dont know what is going wrong tht they keep u at near n below not above.good luck n u will pass

I see, I am not sure if I will go for Hurst, I've been reviewing since June, when are you planning to take the exam? I believe NCSBN questions are challenging, I always seem to get low scores but as what many students would advice keep practicing. I also panic whenever I see SATA questions, but the key to that we must base it just like T\F,good luck Brenda :)