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I am somewhat surprized that no one has mentioned the Hurst review. I just took the Hurst review. I was pleased with the review. However, I would like to hear from those that took the Hurst review and passed the NCLEX THE FIRST TIME.

Did you just use the Hurst review or had other supplemental reviews and which ones? Judging from the postings I have read, Kaplan and Saunders are popular reviews for 2009 NCLEX takers. I have the Saunder 4th edition. I do not have any Kaplan material nor financially able to purchase them. I have faith that Hurst and Saunders would guide me to NCLEX success. Again, I would like to hear from others. So please feel free to advise.


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My nursing school required all of us students to take the Hurst review and we all took it during the final week. Some people found it to be very helpful but I didn't. I really didn't find it helpful. But we have 52 students in our class and 49 of them passed the first try. I and my friend unfortunately didn't pass the first try and we are still working hard towards passing NCLEX. I talked to some of them who passed and they said they just did questions and reviewed materials on CD. They didn't use any other review but the hurst. So I guess overall the hurst review works, but not for everybody.

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I also took the Hurst Review the last week of school. I found it to be very helpful. They give tips on how to memorize certain disease processes. I also reviewed the CD which is packed with information and most importanly questions to practice. I did also use Saunders and did only application and analysis questions and Mosby's doing only high difficulty questions. I did between 300-400 questions a day for 2 weeks. 2 hours of study in the morning and 2-3 in the evening/night. This worked for me and I passed NCLEX-RN the first time with 75 questions. Hope this helps.

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