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I have taken the nclex twice and planning to take it for a third time. I got near passing in every subject..I took the hurst review course the second time and failed after 205 questions. The offered me the 45 day remediation course and was wondering if anyone has taken the course and how you studied. I feel lost and don't know where to turn!



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Hi! Im sorry to hear that you didn't pass. I personally have never needed to remediate as I passed my NCLEX my first try. I also recently took my NCLEX RN and passed. I can offer you some tips as to how I would study..

For my NCLEX RN; I used Hurst mostly. I had the in class content review. After wards, I read the review book two times. The first time I was reading through it and taking notes, trying to memorize stuff. Second time was more of a review, and to remind myself of stuff I might have forgotten. My school also had us take Kaplan. I did most of my questions from Kaplan. I found them to be a bit more difficult than NCLEX, but they definitely helped. Also, you can look into UWorld. The rationales are really great. I prefer their rationales over Kaplan. They have a free 1 week trial so definitely check that out. I think you will really like it.

I would say topics you should focus on would be: infection control, delegation. I remember on my NCLEX-PN I had maybe 2 or 3 dosage calculations. Its also really important to know side effects of medications.

I actually posted a thread on here when I passed my NCLEX PN. I posted some tips on there. I will link the thread below. Definitely check it out. Anyways, good luck!! :)

Also, this is a great review guide that I used for both my NCLEX PN and RN. Its a bit lengthy, but definitely worth the read!!

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