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12 hrs vs Mon-Fri


12s vs weekdays

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I have been a med-surg nurse for 4 years and have worked 12 hr shifts. I'm looking for advise on accepting a new position that would be Mon-Fri. It's in oncology research and I'm interested in the job itself as well as the opportunity for career enhancement, however the Mon-Fri scares me a bit!! Anyone out there like working weekdays as opposed to 12s? I need to make a decision soon.....


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I have worked 12 most of my career. 12's started about the mid 80's. I have also work a few 8 hrs. Clinics for the VA 7:30- 4:30, 2-10 and 10-6 (only a few of these). On 8 hr shifts at NH etc I really do not like it at it ties up my entire week. In clinic (VA) I loved it as it is something I truly enjoyed and had the best co workers anyone could ask for. Also you still have time for evening activities and all weekends off. Home Health M-F set your own hours weekends off unless pt emergency.(my 1st love). A Mon-fri research job would be great. It is something that really interest you. Home in the evenings, off weekends. The biggest issue when working M-F is enjoyment of new job. That has already been answered so I will say go for it and enjoy. The different hours will grow on you.

Personally, I enjoy shift work and 12s, it feels like there so much more free time and once you get going on a shift, 4 extra hours is much preferable than coming in 2 more days/week. That being said, I think job satisfaction and interest will trump schedule anytime. If your heart is in the new research job, I say go for it. If you enjoy the work, it will be much easier to handle the different schedule (pull no weekends/holidays is a nice perk).

I've done both heck I've done it all lol! The advantage to working Monday through Friday is that you will have normal weekends like most of the rest of the free world and can plan for that, to me that was SO freeing. I did that and didn't have to work weekends ever, it was great. Took some getting used to, going to work five days in a row (horrors!) but not bad and not for long (adjusting that is). Seemed like before I knew it the day was over, 8 hours of clinic time is SO much shorter than 12 hours of floor time, not just those four hours but the LAST four hours, plus extra time for charting and hand-off.

If it's a job you have interest in then that's a good thing too. Don't be scared, take the challenge. Let's face it there is always a floor job to fill with an experienced med-surg nurse if it comes down to it! Something tells me this is a good thing for you :)

The thought of going there 5 days a week just seems so daunting! I've been a floor nurse for so long, it's just making the decision that's killing me!! Thanks for the advice!


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I made the switch a while ago. It is so nice to come home at a regular time, be able to do stuff in the evenings after work, have a stable routine. I love not having to work the weekends and holidays. It is a trade-off. It took me a while to get used to it, but now it is so nice, You do need to make sure that you stick to your hours, work will always be there the next day, DO NOT try and think you have to finish everything in the 8 hours. I work my 40, sometimes I do stay 10 minutes - 30 minutes but it is rare and not common at all.

Enjoy, it is very freeing. It is a nice feeling to have a set schedule and to be able to do things later in the day.

I can now do things that I have always wanted to do and participate in evening activities and being consistent. I am less tired than the 3-12s.


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I have done 8, 10, and 12s. I like 10s the bests but the job itself is the biggest factor. I would accept any of these for a great job and no shift will make a miserable job tolerable.