why does HR wait ages to give a start date?

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i need help and advice. i got job offer last week via phone plus sign on bonus ....had physical exam, urine drug etc and almost one week later still no go....i called HR yesterday and she said "we are still waiting for medical clearance"...gee... aint that something? what should i do now? i have job offer for in house registry with tele training at another small community hospital ....this full time position that was offered to me is in psych ...should i take the in house registry and brush up on high tech skills or take the full time slot in psych floor ? i really dont want in house registry because even though tele is nice and a newer experience for me ( did psych x 11 years) ... i just cant afford a hit and miss job position ... i told myself...what use is brushing up on high tech skills when i need money to pay bills and psych would be more steady pay... why does HR wait for ages to give a start date?

i have not been working x 4 weeks...did one stint doing agency work and now was told by agency that this particular hosp is not anymore taking agency nurses...i am so sad and depressed...any words of wisdom ?....i am still doing job hunt bec i dont like this waiting game and live on air...

any advice greatly appreciated....

HR is always on a power trip, there maybe more behind the scenes, people on vacation,waiting for a start date etc.

Do you have the email of the nurse manager you interview with, if so send him/her a nice email how excited you are about be offered the position, and does s/he know when you will be cleared to start.


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I am so down right now from being fired because I reported abuse on a patient from a CNA,, I am not sure what good I would be giving you advice. If you want my input, I think it is all in who you know. I have some hard thinking to do seeing as though the facility made up a lame excuse to fire me for reporting abuse as the head Nurse in charge that night on the floor, gave the Cna 3 days off with pay at that, what a nice little mini vacation she got. I am supporting 3 kids, and she is 55 years old living with her daughter. NICE! Bur here go=es, when I was a Nurse in New York I worked at The VA Medical center,, I was detailed to the pshyc floor a few times, and it had itsups and downs. The men that walked around knew enough to pretty much leave you alone, except for flirting, and the others we gave meds to through a window, okay,, so I should say, Psyc is not one of my speacialties, but it pays good, and I believe a State Hospital would not put CNA's over Nurses. Let me finish one thing about the facility that kept the CNA that abused the patient and fired me. Two years ago, a male CNA took a patient in the shower, stripped him down, and took nude pics of him from his cell phone, then circulated them around the internet. He too was repremanded with a nice paid 3 day vacation,, until someone from the outside found out, called The State, State came in to investigate and that is when they fired him. Says a lot about this facility,, I thought I was doing my job, and lost it for caring. So,, I am not sure what good I am right now giving advice. I still have not found work, I do have 3 interveiws lined up this week, but I have to drive 60 miles to work if one of them hire me. If anyone wants to e mail me I don't care because I can't E mail back on here, becasue I don't have the money to buy the premium membership,, so my E mail is > [email protected]. I hope someopne from the facility that I worked in is on this site and read what I wrote,,, becasue if I was them, I would be ashamed to say I was even employed there. I am even questioning is it better these days to just be a CNA??: Nurses mean NOTHING anymore? I know I was a CNA 9 years before I became a Nurse, and I respected my charge Nurse or any Nurse as far as that goes, and as demanding as the work is,, how would it even enter your mind to abuse a patient?


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thanks alex49..i will call nurse manager in am...gee..this HR people are dingbat and i think they love attention and surely love the "hard to get act".....please....this is just a small community hospital that i am going to be working and not a "magnet" state of the art hospital..plus i worked here 9 years ago and this is just a rehire....aint that something?:yawn:


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cyndi1985..sending you email....thanks for quick response....

Rocking and Rolling, try to keep the other job open until you can get a firm commitment. Something will come you way. I hate looking for a job is is so de humanizing.


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Some facilities like to wait until they have more than one or two people for give general orientation to. If HR does the hiring, I would not be calling anyone else such as a Nurse Manager.

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Your benefits may start on the hire date. So they don't want to set the date till the budget and other issues allow for you to actually work. They have to pay you for orientation. Could be as simple as the right person being on vacation or wait till census hits a certain level to justify another FTE. I hate it too!!


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in other words..i should run fast and keep on applying...or maybe go start in per diem in another place because they gave me too much mind games..i took their pre test in psych on line and got 71% both times...they told me i have to get an 80% score in order for my premployment process to MOVE ON...i took it the third time and final time and got 96%...gee..i guess this are all BS so that i get discouraged and not pursue my application? God help me....

Something will come your way, I would pursue everything until you have a firm start date.

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