12.50/hr in Raleigh for LPN?!?!?!


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Found on job site:

Compensation: Position is full time starting salary is negotiable depending on certification and experience. Introductory 90 day evaluation of position will be done. After 90 days, health benefits will be offered. 2 days of sick leave after first 6 months, 1 week of vacation after 1st year, 5 paid holidays. CNA w/ 5+ years experience (11.50/hr) LPN (12.50-14.00/hr) RN (24.00/hr)

$1 more than a CNA? It seems like the rate is going down for LPN's around here. I saw another ad for an LPN job for 27k/yr. I can say "do you want fries with that" for the same pay and no risk to my license. When I started nursing just over 5 years ago I started in the upper teens per hr. and with experience went in to the mid 20's per hour.


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I saw an ad for an LVN for $14 an hour and met a CNA who is paid $14 an hour. In my area, wages for LVNs have gone down in the four years I've lived here.


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It makes me wonder what is going on. There are less and less jobs for LPNs. The hospitals don't want us anymore unless they are a small hospital that has no way of getting enough RNs. And now they are trying to pay LPNs less? Medical assistants in this area get more than that. It just doesn't make sense.

I've seen other posts on these boards where they talk about LPNs making $20 an hour, so I really think it's where you look. I agree that $14 an hour for an LPN is ridiculous.


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shame shame shame....shame as an orthodontist assistant i made $17.00. and lpns are making $14....all i can say is shame-i mean i'm just dumbfounded!


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Wowwww you need to move to vegas....i just got hired by a local hospital...imc unit....28.75 an hour....i use to work as a cna there...made 19.75 as a cna....vegas has some of the best salaries for medical professionals...and its cheap to live here..


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This is crazy! I think it is because they are trying to wedge out LPNs. I was a CNA before moving to NC (army wife) and i made $18 weekdays and $22 differentials and weekends as a CNA in Washington state. When i moved here I planned on working, while starting back in school. But the wages for CNA's wouldn't even cover the cost of my daycare!! I was offered $10/hr., and had people tell me that's not bad! I have a friend who is an LPN here and she makes $23/hr working for a private Dr. office, but the guy is a pill. She won't quit because she knows that she will be hard up to find comparable pay anymore. Heck, I can sit on a stool in a gas station and make $13 bucks an hour... and they wonder why turnover is so bad. :rolleyes:


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That is ridiculous! Hope you find something better! I work as a CNA?med aid now and make 10, with baylor pay comes to 13$. i work under a LPN and she works her BUTT off up and down that hall. I couldnt do her job for that, and from what I see the LPNs work as hard or harder than the RNs at my facility...I dont think there should be such a huge diff b/w them two either! Your closer to a RN than a CNA!!