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HPU failed by 1%


I am in clinicals and have passed my classes so far until Obgyn. Apparently I need 73% to pass and I got 72%. This is summer school and I had ear infections in both ears and a temp of 102. I didn't take time off as I should and tried to push through. I really thought initially they would roll this over and help me out, but instead I had to cancel all classes for next semester and have to redo this one class. Has anyone experienced this before. I am at a loss and so upset!!

The hard truth is unfortunately in nursing schools you don't get grade leniency because you are ill or worst case there is death in the family. What's expected of you in such a case is either to pull out of your classes and opt to take them the semester next or if you decide to push through as you did, you will at least earn a passing grade. Otherwise if grades were rolled over for sick students (no matter how valid your sickness is), there will be lotsa sick students wanting the same favor.

While this stinks for you, our school is the same way: your grade is your grade and there is no rounding. At all. Our minimum grade to pass nursing classes is 78%, and we've had people fail with a 77.9%.

Our school also has a points-system, a sort if demerit-type program (if you're late, x amount of points...if you show up to clinical unprepared, x amount of points, etc) in which if you accumulate 10 points you fail the class. My dad died during last semester, and I had to miss a regularly scheduled class due to my dad's funeral. My instructor knew ahead of time and I made up the class later in the week, but I still received points for missing my scheduled class.

Good luck to you!

i guess i feel i can comment because i've done this and that. i recall the process. i don't know. i guess i just got sick of everyone whining. it's really not that hard. i didn't go do the traditional route, i went and did the ABSN route. my undergraduate is in automotive engineering from ferris state university. i want to say the automotive engineering degree was more difficult to a degree. the nursing had much more info to recall and much more stressful for sure, but i suck at math, so the math is what made the engineering difficult.

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