How'd you study for NCLEX?

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I'm in my second to last semester and have started briefly looking over NCLEX review questions. My question I suppose is, what was your method for studying for NCLEX?

Was it a matter of questions, questions, questions and reading the rationale? Because that is pretty much my method at the moment. Is this pretty much what everyone else does?

Everyone is different in their methods of studying for the NCLEX. My classmates that passed have used Kaplan specifically for the test taking strategies. Another just did practice questions and read rationales. Me and my other classmate both used Hurst. Me and her both had multiple attempts and decided that core content and the way Hurst broke everything down in a organized way was better. My first two attempts was simply just doing questions and reading rationales. What I lacked was core content and although I did practice questions on reputable question banks it wasn't enough because if you are getting questions wrong you're lacking core content and these are the basics where you should know hands down.

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