How you used uworld?


Hey my fellow nurses,

I wanted to know the ones that used uworld; how did you use uworld? Did you go based on Topic or general questions? How many questions a day? Give me some great resources I should used to study for the Nclex-RN!!!! My second try is coming up, wanted some help on studying. Currently using Kaplan.




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I haven't taken my NCLEX yet so not sure if this is helpful to you but I currently am doing general questions. Doing topics makes me bored eventually lol and I've been trying to do at least 75 because I write down the rationales for ones I get wrong or correct ones that I guessed on and that takes time


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Do you guys recommend uworld 6 months before the nclex? While in last semester of NS?


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UWorld is amazing. I currently do 150 questions a day with questions from topics that I'm weaker in. I write down the rationales for the questions I got wrong or just flat out didn't know.

Keep on answering questions. I've learned a lot so far from UWorld alone. I'm taking my NCLEX in a few weeks. Good luck!


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I use the Saunders book and Mark Klimeck lecture after I read the chapters & listen I do Uworld questions...i try to do 75+ questions a day...i also use a Uworld study guide that I put together ....testing in late June early July.

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I asked a similar question on this site, and one of tips someone posted was to focus on UNDERSTANDING the RATIONALES rather than trying to boost my percentage. My initial reaction was, "well duh. that helpful :sarcastic:." But now I get what he/she meant: Uworld's rationales are pretty damn good, and when you make an intentional effort to understand the rationales instead of boosting your percentages, you're more likely to retain more information.

So, in short, I would say, as others have mentioned in various UWorld posts, don't focus so much on the Score, but the RATIONALES. My thinking is that if I comprehend the rationale, a higher score will follow.