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In hopes that you don't offend your patient, wear a surgical mask with a dap of toothpaste on the outside. Works everytime for THE REALLY bad ones.

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Vics under the nose

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Oh y'all-I just have to share this experience with you:

We were doing a hip disarticulation on a pt that had a large tumor in his femur. The tumor was large (basketball sized) and was wrapped in an Ace. The Ace bandage was soiled, and there was only a hint of stink. When we took the dressing off to prep for surgery, I almost passed out from the stench. This odor permeated every corner of the OR. It was WORSE than dead bowel. It smelled like the dumpster behind a fish house on a hot, humid day in July. I felt so sorry for this patient. How awful it must be to live with that!

I was scrubbed in, so I had to mouth breathe. The surgeon saw how green I was looking, and knew me well enough to pop a Mastisol ampule and put some drops on my mask, without my even having to ask.

I. Love. That. Surgeon.

Mastisol is a wonderful thing.


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Do not under any circumstance place an alcohol prep pad inside your mask. I learned that the hard way. I almost passed out! :bluecry1:


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Wear really good deodorant and act as though you are itching your nose as you bring it towards your arm pit to inhale the burst of freshness there. It is a modest way of getting a break in when the environment is polluted with awful smells.


I find that when i have an empty stomach its much harder to deal with smell, suctioning, dressings etc... so maybe if you keep your fuel levels high you'll be good :up:


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Just breathe through your mouth. It's that simple

I pour mouthwash into a mask and wear that. I've done this several times doing incontinent care on someone with a tube feed - that is BY FAR the worst smell I have encountered - C.Diff ain't got nothin' on tube feed poop! And if you gag - the mask hides it. Works well for gross dressings too. :)


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:dummy1: Use vicks vapor rub below the nose along the upper lip. Medical examiners say it works for them.

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