How did you select your specialty?

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How did you select your specialty?

Hey. I am a med Surg nurse with a little over a year experience. I am thinking of going in to a specialty and just wondered how everyone who chose did so? Did you just stumble on a specialty or knew what you wanted? I just got offered a position as a cardiopulmonary nurse. I am very nervous about it because I don't know what to expect. All I know if I want to move on from med Surg. 

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Sure, Do whatever makes you comfortable. 

If you are looking for a switch, let me know. I know someone who will make a few calculations, like which is the hottest specialty in your state, which RN paid the highest, etc. 

Change it.

This is a great question and I read some great threads on this across allnurses. Just to hopefully be helpful, thought I'd share a few that I'm currently reading:



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It's going to vary by personality, philosophy, and actual organization. Money should never be the only factor. If you're miserable, no amount of money can make you not miserable 

newbie2023 said:

This is a great question and I read some great threads on this across allnurses. Just to hopefully be helpful, thought I'd share a few that I'm currently reading:



This is fantastic and very helpful. Thank you.

@WannabaNurse glad to hear it. Let me know if you find anything good!

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I initially failed my medical/surgical course first by .5 of a point MedSurge I and MedSurge II by 1 point but I redeemed myself thank God finishing both areas with high Bs as I was fighting for an A because of what I went through. I knew MedSurge was not an area I wanted to go into. When I took Pediatrics, Maternal Nursing and Psych I did very well in these areas but my heart and what came easily to me was the Maternal Nursing. I started out on a Woman's Surgical Oncology unit did that for a year when I became pregnant with daughter #2. I left and worked PostPartum about a year at one hospital and am now a Mother/Baby nurse going on 8 years come September 2023. I still enjoy what I am doing just wish it could be done in another capacity which I have yet to find as I am tired of bedside nursing. I no longer wish to work nights, holidays and weekends. I have 3 daughters and the last has just turned 11. I am ready for something new and for more normalcy but for me this has yet to happen. I believe you look at what interests you and let that be your guide.

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I worked at a small community hospital in med-surg initially, but they expanded and my unit started offering cardiac services so I then learned telemetry and ACLS.  We did a lot of stuff that was only done in ICU re drips and pulling arterial catheter sheaths on the floor.   It was considered Cardiopulmonary thoracic (CPT) so was still a mix of cardiac and med-surg.  Cardiac was interesting and uplifting as there was hope with all the new treatments and meds.

I stayed there my whole career due to a pension, but those are virtually unheard of now, except for the VA.  I would advise you to try out this specialty but remember you aren't married to it.  If it is not a good fit you can always move on to another job or hospital or try clinic nursing, say a cardiac clinic for instance.  Nothing is set in stone so you don't have to be afraid to make a change.  And who knows you might decide to go back to school for your NP.



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Worked as lift tech for 2 years while in nursing school and I was primarily in the ICU and my brother was also an ICU RN so I initially wanted to go that route. When I finished school, my hospital that I worked at did not have a ICU new grad program, only MS, tele, and ER and they said tele would be a good spot to start at before moving onto ICU. Gave tele a try, loved it and loved my team. Found out neuro wasn't really my thing and enjoyed the cardio-pulmo side of things more so I'm kinda glad I never chose the full ICU-neuro route. Stayed on my unit for 7.5 years including going through covid up until I left August last year to pursue my NP career.

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Hello WannabaNurse,

What I love about nursing is that there are so many different avenues you can go into. AllNurses does have a good article on jobs you can get as a RN: Best Registered Nurse (RN) Jobs and Salaries in 2024 - Nursing Careers (

If you're interested in learning more about specific nursing specialties, AllNurses has a section under Careers called RN Specialties. It discusses common specialties, and I recommend reviewing it for further information. Best of luck! 



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