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The science part in the ATI review book feel a little bit broad, like less than a summary of a certain science topic. so im wondering how are the science questions in the teas test? do they ask specific scientific questions? science is like the largest part of everything! so i dont know what to expect of the questions they might throw at me. if i would use other resources for science, to what extent or how deep should i study for the science? like should i know every detail of A&P or i dont know... help please!!


The Science questions were pretty scattered in my opinion, ranging from general, chemistry, and even some earth science.

I would suggest reviewing the topic areas in the ATI Study book. Lets say there is a practice question in the study guide about amino acids, you will want to study as much key info about amino acids as you can. The book really only gives a hint about what to study.

I think there is more than one version of the TEAS V test. This is just what I can recall from the one I had to take. There are a lot of other posts on here, that go into greater detail, as well as some great study suggestions. I would suggest taking a look at those as well.

Good Luck.

Being honest, I think if the TEAS was an open book test and the only book you could use was the ATI study guide- you still wouldn't be able to get a 100. Or maybe it was my test. Maybe it was just me. But I definately felt like, sure the study guide mentioned mitosis- but there were questions on the test about mitosis that I don't recall being in the book. The study guide is a brief overview, but it leaves things out.

I would use the study guide, but I would dig deeper into other sources to get a better understanding of things.

I'll also say- I felt like 50% of the stuff in the study guide wasn't on the test. Which leaves you in the situation to really have to know the other 50% very well. I think it's all luck. Either you know it or you don't, unless you are willing to memorize entire earth science, chemisty and biology books.

Wow! This is kind of scary I thought the study guide was a great example of what the test is supposed to be. Or so that's what I've heard from looking on here. I have to take the TeasV in August. #fingerscrossed

Hey everyone, I just took the TEAS V today. and all I can say is that i am extremely extremely disappointed!!!!! the teas book was only useful for the reading and English usage section. The SCIENCE SECTION was by far the most random section. I studied for a month hours upon hours each day just every science you can think of and i read threads on other ppl posting about rocks and geography and clouds. Uhm... THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT ROCK OR CLOUDS. ...... but the science there is no way to actually prepare because its you know it or you dont. sometimes even studying everything like i did wont work. so you have to make sure you do extremely well in all other sections to compensate for the science sections. ....... basically the teas book for the science portion of the test was a waste of time:madface:.good luck to everyone i wish the best for everyone! im scared to see my results in a couple days! best of luck study hard on your math english. but math btw is sooo basic!!!!!extremely!!!!! :redbeathe x O xoxoxoxo.....

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Gentle reminder:

While we realize many are anxious about this exam and/or frustrated, please do not post specifics about what was contained in the exam itself.

We do wish everyone good luck as you prepare and/or await your results.

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Having many difficulties on the Science- Taking the test tomorrow and dreading it. Wish everyone else luck.

I agree that the science section is a matter of either knowing it or not. I wouldn't say that you need to know every detail from every class. You can't even do that for a final. But you should have an adequate understanding of the material covered in bio, A&P, and chem in a general sense. I felt that the ATI study guide was pretty spot on.

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Having many difficulties on the Science- Taking the test tomorrow and dreading it. Wish everyone else luck.

Took the test 7/3/12 - I did OK but not great. I did do better on science than on the practice tests. I'll retake in a month to try to improve.

The ATI book is much better (over all) than the McGraw Hill books for types of questions.

There's LOTS of chemistry and life science (plants and microbiology), good bit of Anatomy. I studied the ATI book and brought my science practice scores up from about 40 to 70%- so I REALLY recommend reading all of that. I also recommend spending the money for the online practice tests as well- but know that unlike those, the real test doesn't tell you what you get wrong, just a final score and percentages.

The English/Grammar was much more "tricky" than the practice tests which I had previously scored high on but on the test didn't do as well.



This test was a bear!! I passed it the second time around, the science is broad as all outdoors. Good luck to you all

Laurie what was your score?? If you don't mind me asking!!

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